O&M to build Fevicol in newer markets – the funny way

O&M to build Fevicol in newer markets – the funny way

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Aug 23,2005 8:08 AM

O&M to build Fevicol in newer markets – the funny way

Fevicol, the flagship product of Pidilite, is all set to make noise in international markets, which will be similar to the Indian way. Fevicol is already being exported to over 15 countries, among which are UAE, South Africa, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Congo, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, and Angola to name a few, the latest being Egypt.

Additionally plans are underway to launch the brand in Pakistan, Indonesia and Myanmar also. The craft of building the brand will remain the same – go the funny way.

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and National Creative Director, O&M India, said, “We have made Fevicol the brand it is in India with a lot of effort, and as far as the new markets are concerned, we will begin with trade, build brands with building blocks. As these markets are evolved markets, it won’t take that long for us to establish Fevicol. And once this is done, we will move on to doing the funny stuff as a brand should never change its tone. Let’s give it a couple of months.”

Fevicol has announced its launch in Egypt through an outdoor advertisement in Mumbai. The visual carries the image of the Sphinx with the broken nose that has been sealed with Fevicol. Pandey said that this new campaign was more to do with reassurance for the Indian consumers.

Mapping the Fevicol brand’s growth and success in India throws up an interesting story of a product that has evolved into a brand in an unorganised product category and then grew large enough to make inroads in the global market.

In the early 90s, the Fevicol brand emerged as a market leader in its category in India. Despite this, the sales figures remained stagnant. It is at this point in the life of the Fevicol brand that the company decided to invest in marketing the brand.

The return on Pidilite’s investment in marketing this brand paid off well, demonstrating sales growth of over 55 per cent as against average market growth rate of 10 per cent. The Fevicol brand now enjoyed 70 per cent of the market share and continued to grow at a rate faster than the market growth, said an official communiqué.

Through its marketing initiatives, the Fevicol brand has succeeded in establishing a distinctive position for vis-a-vis unbranded products. The big idea, ‘Fevicol is Bonding’, was an idea that has been communicated largely through advertising.

The ‘Huddle’ image of the Indian Cricket team and TV commercials like “Haisha” are examples of execution of this idea that clearly state, “Some bonds are as unbreakable as the Fevicol bond”.

Fevicol has been ranked among the Top 50 brands as ‘India’s Most Respected Brands’ in ‘A&M’ and ‘Brand Equity’. The brand continues to grow from strength to strength as it sustains its growth and establishes the brand’s presence across global markets ensuring tangible returns for both Pidilite and Fevicol customers around the world.

The Fevicol brand will maintain its efforts to go beyond borders and explore new markets.

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