O&M Pakistan and India collaborate on new film for Shan Foods; ad goes viral in Pakistan

O&M Pakistan and India collaborate on new film for Shan Foods; ad goes viral in Pakistan

Author | Sarmistha Neogy and Srabana Lahiri | Saturday, Jun 27,2015 9:12 AM

O&M Pakistan and India collaborate on new film for Shan Foods; ad goes viral in Pakistan

On the occasion of Ramadan, Shan Foods, a Pakistani producer of spice mixes has released an emotional video promoting their products which offer a taste of home even while abroad. The campaign has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Pakistan and has been done in collaboration with Sukesh Nayak, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy, Mumbai.

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According to Asim Naqvi, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, Pakistan, “This is a first collaborative effort of its kind for Pakistan as initially clients used to directly approach Indian creative agencies without keeping a local partner agency. Such efforts have always failed; this joint effort has set up a new benchmark for all others to follow and has become a great example of true collaboration between talents of two countries in order to deliver the best for the client.”

He further added, “We joined hands with Sukesh from Mumbai as we thought that his style of work would be able to best deliver the creative for the brief which asked for an authentic, touching and connecting creative solution. From Pakistan this project was led by senior management people from Ogilvy including myself and our Karachi office head along with our planning director and creative team.”

The ad narrates a story of two brothers who live abroad. It is on Eid, that the younger one misses his mom’s food and the celebrations associated with the day. His elder brother decides to cheer him up by cooking dishes using Shan food products. When the younger one comes home and sees his mother on a video call, he breaks down. His brother then makes him taste the food he has cooked under his mother’s guidance. The film ends with them wishing each other on Eid.

Speaking about his experience of working with their team in Pakistan, Sukesh Nayak, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai said, “It has been one of the most enriching experiences for me. The team at Ogilvy Pakistan and at Shan have been fantastic. They were not just brave enough to buy such a beautiful idea on day one but also ensured it saw the light of day. We were working under tight deadlines and without this team work the project would have not happened.”

Here is a glimpse of what the Shan communication has done in less than a week: It has broken all records of virality locally with over half a million views just on Facebook within 48 hours of its launch. The TVC has apparently made a mark in the Pakistani marketing landscape, with newspapers such as The Dawn commenting, “This ad about celebrating Eid abroad will make you teary-eyed.”

Going by a deluge of tweets such as “This has to be the best communication this Ramadan by a Pakistani brand by a far, far margin to anything else”, the audiences have responded overwhelmingly to this ad.

“It has gone viral locally in Pakistan, and we are quite confident that the global numbers will be just as encouraging,” says Nayak. “While I may have written the film, I want to share credit with Ogilvy Pakistan, specially Aseem Adnan and Atiya, without them this wouldn't have happened.”


The food brand now plans to collect stories from people about their memories of Eid with Shan and use them in future communications.

Industry Opinions

Keshav Naidu, co-founder, Naidu and Panjabi, found the film emotional. “Once again, an unexpected ending, and given the festive occasion, I'm sure this will be a huge hit,” he cited.

Subhadeep Dawn, Senior Art Director, Bates CHI & Partners commented, “The proposition is really nice. The communication has made an attempt to build the character of the elder brother, by showing him as the affectionate, caring and the one who makes others happy. Even a small gesture like offering his seat to an elderly person, tries to highlight that he is a good man who can cook good food. It is an emotional video, but the three minutes duration is a bit too long.”

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