O&M creates HIV campaign for Breakthrough

O&M creates HIV campaign for Breakthrough

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Feb 14,2007 8:40 AM

O&M creates HIV campaign for Breakthrough

Breakthrough, the international human rights organisation, has launched its latest campaign, ‘Ye Kaisa Insaaf Hai?’ to throw light on the growing problems of women and HIV. The campaign, which broke on February 13, is executed through short films on television, radio programmes and print. Ogilvy&Mather has worked on the creative campaign for the organisation.

The organisation is also working on other projects. These include a 360-degree campaign called ‘What kind of a man are you?’ and a peer education programme for college youth in Delhi and Lucknow on sexuality and aids awareness.

O&M Senior Creative Director Emmanuel Upputuru said, “The work for this campaign involved communicating that the woman should not be blamed for things, and that she should not be the one who suffers constantly.” He added, “It is always the woman who bears the brunt for the man. This is the concept that the campaign has tried to bring out.”

The television commercial includes three short films and talks about different situations that women often face. The TVC director for the campaign is Bauddhayan Mukherji.

Breakthrough Communications Director Sonali Khan said they were trying to find the best regional methods to reach their target audience. “Radio is one of the most effective communication tools to reach the regional audience. We are also using the print medium, as that also is something which has great regional reach,” she said.

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