Ogilvy Delhi ex-Digital Head launches brand venture

Ogilvy Delhi ex-Digital Head launches brand venture

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 23,2012 7:24 AM

Ogilvy Delhi ex-Digital Head launches brand venture

Saurabh Parmar, former Digital Head of Ogilvy Delhi, has launched Brandlogist Communications, a brand consultancy with its DNA in the digital medium.

Elaborating on this new undertaking, Parmar, Founder & CEO, Brandlogist Communications, said, “We are a brand-marketing consultancy, oriented towards today’s age where consumers are steadily going digital. However, we believe consumers don’t exist in solos of any one medium and so neither should our communication. It should be free flowing across a consumer’s life, integrating with what they find interesting, what is relevant to them. The idea is to reach out, involve him across mediums and give him a reason to come to the digital platform, whatever its nature.”

At Brandlogist, the strategy lies in identifying how digital platform can influence business by looking beyond blindly increasing Facebook followers or building microsites. Parmar added, “We do not believe in having a fixed methodology or a rigid team structure while approaching a client’s problem. Some of our ideas can come in the form of social media campaigns, ORM solutions, websites or branding solutions or even how to ‘crowdsource a menu card’.”

Brandlogist does not have any divisions of creative, servicing, and planning. According to Saurabh, the idea behind this ‘non division’ was to hire the best people and fit them in roles that they enjoyed and were good at. “At the same time, it allows us to build a team of multi-faceted individuals, be they photographers, video editors, fashion or experts , anyone who can be of benefit to the client’s business,” he added.

Stressing upon the company structure and how it was oriented towards adding value to a client’s business, Parmar said that the consultancy would have a maximum of five clients at any given time. “The focus is on the effectiveness of our work, as we do good work, the bottomline will grow,” he concluded.

Parmar is visiting faculty at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and Perfect Relations Centre for Image Management Studies. His earlier stints include Branch Head at Drizzlin Media Delhi, Account Manager with Quasar Media, besides an entrepreneurial venture in the social development sector and digital media consultancy.

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