Obituary: Dan Ginsburg, Chairman and CEO, TAG Media Network

Obituary: Dan Ginsburg, Chairman and CEO, TAG Media Network

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Aug 24,2009 8:13 AM

Obituary: Dan Ginsburg, Chairman and CEO, TAG Media Network

Life is a mystery and one doesn’t really know what is in store for us next. When I received the news of Dan Ginsburg passing away, I just couldn’t believe my ears. I didn’t know how to react. When the news finally sunk in after a few minutes of finishing my phone conversation with PR Satheesh, now the President and COO of TAG Media, I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking of the unpredictable nature of life.

After moving to Bangalore almost one and a half years back, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Dan on a few occasions. I remember having a conversation with him just a month back, when TAG had announced an important development in in-store advertising.

During my various interactions with him, I had always found him to be a person comfortable and confident of his venture. He was always eager to share his viewpoint and to me, he came across as soft spoken, but always articulate. After entering into a partnership with Bunty Peerbhoy for TAG, Dan, in his own words, was spending more and more time in India. He knew that retail would see a boom and in-store advertising had a good future. Most importantly, he always insisted that he was confident of his partner clients and wanted to grow with them.

Dan was the retired President of Draft Worldwide and was responsible for the development of the company’s international network, which, at the time of his retirement, included 21 offices throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America. During his 20 years at Draft, he worked with global clients such as British Airways, Holiday Inn, P&G, B.A.T., Fidelity Investments, Phillips, and General Electric.

He was the majority owner of Champagne De Meric, located in Ay, France, and author of ‘The Art and Business of Champagne’ and ‘The Fix Is In’, both published in the US by McFarland & Co. He was also President of The Sparrow's Song Foundation, and active in a number of charitable causes.

Dan’s multi-faceted personality will be missed a lot.

Adieu Dan.

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