Obituary: AG Krishnamurthy, CMD, Mudra remembers Frank Simoes

Obituary: AG Krishnamurthy, CMD, Mudra remembers Frank Simoes

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Aug 28,2002 7:33 AM

Obituary: AG Krishnamurthy, CMD, Mudra remembers Frank Simoes

My association with Frank goes back to 1976, to be precise March 1976. I joined Reliance Textiles in Feb.1976 and was mandated to choose an Advertising Agency for Vimal. I had shortlisted three agencies going by their work at that point in time and Frank Simoes was one of them. When approached, Frank told me clearly and categorically that his agency wouldn't do any speculative creative pitch, and that I was most welcome to visit his agency to meet his key people and see the agency's creative products. I visited the agency and recommended Frank Simoes to be Vimal's agency in preference to one or two other wellknown agencies who actually made speculative creative presentations to us. Frank and his agency had produced some path breaking advertising for Vimal, beginning with the Vimal saree ad series, captioned "A woman expresses herself in many languages. Vimal is one of them". Even after Mudra was founded in March 1980, we continued with this saree series for another 15 to 20 years. So powerful was the line And its initial execution.

Then came another path breaking series for Vimal Suitings. ONLY VIMAL in the year 1978. An instant success in the marketplace.

Though Vimal and Frank Simoes Advertising discontinued their professional association in 1979, I and Frank continued to be friends for many years.

His mastery over the English language is complete. His craftsmanship of the language is one of a kind. Even his ordinary business communications looked so well-crafted, dignified and poetic, truly it's a Gods gift to him. I haven't come across many such gifted people. In fact, none. As a creative person, his work for Raymonds, Taj Hotels and Vimal was truly path breaking and brand-building. Its difficult to equal the work in its originality and executional excellence.

A thorough gentleman, an honest professional and a good Conversationalist (we used to meet often for lunch in Mumbai), its numbing to know that the silver haired, pyjama kurta clad Frank is no longer there to challenge your intellect and offer you his honest, frank views when solicited. A great loss for his friends and for the Indian Advertising Industry. A doyen has passed away.

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