Now, ‘Fevicol ka jod’ strengthens familial ties too

Now, ‘Fevicol ka jod’ strengthens familial ties too

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, Jan 07,2008 6:55 AM

Now, ‘Fevicol ka jod’ strengthens familial ties too

The tagline ‘Fevicol ka jod’ has been so popular that it has entered within the realms of informal conversations, writing, jokes, or films, as a metaphor to suggest a strong bond. Taking this idea forward, Pidilite Industries Ltd has launched a new TVC titled ‘Joint Family’, personifying the strong bond relationship with the product.

O&M is the creative agency behind the TVC, while it has been written and conceptualised by Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and NCD-India and South Asia, O&M. Corcoise Films has produced the TVC, while Prasoon Pandey has directed it.

The film begins with a boy who desires to water the tulsi plant, and enquires with his family members about the same. Then begins a whole chain of the large joint family answering his query. As the film arrives to its conclusion, the tulsi plant is shown to be planted in the Fevicol can, thus personifying the strong bond of joint family.

Pandey explained that the basic thought was the love to live together, and the tulsi plant planted in the Fevicol can, was making a statement that sticking together was a beautiful thing.

Pandey agreed to the fact that Fevicol had now reached a stage where the product was rarely seen in the ad, and that it was largely the ‘idea’ of the product that was used. He said, “For 10 years we have been doing this, so I guess we must be right. Since the time Raj Kumar Hirani featured in the Fevicol ad, humour has been an integral part of ad creatives. Now Fevicol has become a part of people’s life, such that it is probably the only product in the country that can take this liberty in saying that it is used as a joint bond. So it’s become a substitute for bonding in our country, and therefore it gives us an opportunity of making comments on society of this nature.”

When queried on other promotional activities supporting the campaign, Pandey quipped that the product’s identity was good enough for itself to be promoted. Beginning with television, the campaign will also be promoted through cinemas.

The commercial will stay on air for another six-eight months.

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