Noorings: Lintas, Connections and an evening to remember

Noorings: Lintas, Connections and an evening to remember

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Sep 13,2010 7:43 AM

Noorings: Lintas, Connections and an evening to remember

I attended a Lintas Media Group event after a long time – not just a press conference, but an evening dedicated to new initiatives involving clients and media owners. The event was to have begun at 7 pm in Gurgaon in Delhi, and we were there at 6.30 pm. And by 7 pm, the guests were trickling in healthy numbers. Maruti Suzuki’s Mayank Pareek and Sanjeev Handa, ITC Retail’s Atul Chand and the ITC Ltd team, Bajaj Auto’s Nitin Kochchar, Hamdard’s Tarundeep Singh Rana and team, Intex’s Vinayak Kumar, and Bajaj Electrical’s Beena Koshy, among many other LMG clients, were in attendance. It was an evening to remember from Lintas.

The research, Connections, itself was interesting. This proprietary research is designed to assist advertisers in better reaching specific target audiences across a plethora of touch points, where information relevant to various product categories has been made available. Lintas has designed a special software for it too that it would share with the various brand managers to help them in designing more efficient media plans across various products.

But what interested me a bit more than Connections was the conversations with clients post the presentation of the research. Premjeet Sodhi and his team were complimented by most advertisers for the kind of depth that Lintas had managed to bring in this study. Clients had all kinds of questions and everyone was already discussing when the Lintas team would be speaking to each client more specifically on how this research helps their brand. But it was the pure client and agency relationship that stood out the most for people like me. Lintas’ key advertisers flew in from Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and other cities to share a step ahead with the agencies.

I am in no hurry to believe that relationships today are not about monies and costs, but it is instances such as these that make one believe that relationships are important for some today as well – that they are, in fact, not just about money, that there is a combined thirst and need to progress forward towards the common goal of reaching the consumer, of communicating.

Lintas is amongst the oldest players in India and its relation with clients signify that despite the mistrust that clients have shown on agencies in many occasions, whether by calling pitches even before a term is over or by stipulating extreme importance to costs, there still are examples where agencies are treated as partners. I was thinking of leaders such as Lynn de Souza, Vikram Sakhuja, Sam Balsara, Shashi Sinha and Ravi Kiran, who, while they still have long battles ahead to fight, have led this industry so well that when you look, there are enough instances of hope and positive energies in our industry. I left the evening happy being a part of this industry.

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