Nirma shows how to control dirt in new TVC

Nirma shows how to control dirt in new TVC

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Thursday, Jan 07,2010 8:43 AM

Nirma shows how to control dirt in new TVC

Imagine being able to ‘chant’ the dirt away from one’s clothes. Nirma’s new TVC shows precisely this where a housewife ‘chants’ a puddle of dirt into submission. The TVC follows the spectacular underwater ballet commercial that was released a while back.

The latest commercial has been created by Vipin Dhayni, Founder & Creative Director, Thoughtshop. The water animation took nearly a month to be ready and was done at Frameworks, Singapore. The film was shot on location at Pushkar in Rajasthan by Amit Sharma of Chrome Pictures over a period of two days. The film has been directed by Amit Sharma, while Chrome Pictures is the production house. The TVC broke across news and entertainment channels on January 2, 2010, while the OOH and theatre campaigns will break in January-end.

Elaborating on the latest campaign, Dhayni said, “The challenge was to create a TVC that created as much impact as the underwater TVC, but was made on a smaller scale and was of shorter duration. The Nirma jingle has been an essential element of Nirma’s brand identity since its initial campaigns, and the idea was to use the same in a clutter breaking way. The jingle ‘Washing powder Nirma’ contains all the essential messages that the brand seeks to convey. By altering the way the jingle is used, the brand gets an opportunity to grab the consumer’s attention on every line in the jingle.”

He further said, “The TVC shows a house getting splashed by a puddle. The lady then starts chanting the ‘Washing powder Nirma’ jingle and is able to subdue the puddle. It is shown that you can control the dirt if you use Nirma. The Nirma jingle has been highlighted in a bold fashion and each word creates an impact.”

Speaking on behalf of Nirma, Manan Soni, Director, Purnima Advertising, said, “The brief we gave to Thoughtshop was to come up with a communication that would create an impact and use the old jingle in a different way and break through the clutter.”

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