New television commercial creates a buzz for Ford’s new ‘DURA’ble image

New television commercial creates a buzz for Ford’s new ‘DURA’ble image

Author | Shikha Saroj | Monday, Oct 24,2005 8:58 AM

New television commercial creates a buzz for Ford’s new ‘DURA’ble image

Ford has become bullish once again with its ‘DURA technology’. In order to take the message to the people, it has come up with a 40-second commercial that talks about what everyone at Ford is extremely excited about. Unlike other long technology ads, this commercial simply tells you that the DURA Technology is ‘ exciting’, ‘ economical’ and ‘ refined’.

“What we want to do is make people fall in love with driving. And we’re using technology to make every drive more exciting and fun by making our cars more peppy, making every drive more refined and offering them more fuel economy,” said V Sivaramakrishnan, VP-Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India.

What adds credibility is that the people featured in the ad are not professional models, but Ford executives. Anita Gupta, GM and Senior VP, JWT Chennai, the agency behind the Ford DURA campaign, said, “The ad is about the buzz at Ford. It brings forth the message that Ford engineers are excited about this new technology and love what they do.”

The message is also about having fun while working. From getting excited over remote controlled cars to finishing off an equation with ‘= Fun’ to getting a crash test dummy to posing with them for a photograph, the commercial catches Ford people having fun at work.

Instead of a linear storyline, the film is a montage of Ford people doing what they do everyday… with a little extra excitement.

Explained G N Mohan, VP & Senior Creative Director, JWT, Chennai, “The film is based on a very simple premise. It takes excited engineers to make exciting technology. People who build technology need to understand that they’re building technology that people can enjoy. Like the guy in our commercial who finishes an equation with ‘= fun’.”

Gupta added, “Nobody wants to listen to boring technology stories anymore. What we really wanted to let people know was that there’s something exciting called Dura that’s happening, that’s gotten everyone at Ford charged up.”

The commercial also encompasses the new Ford sign off – Make Every Day Exciting.

The print commercial of DURA features a girl hugging her car and the line reads, ‘ Fall in DURA love.’ Gupta says, “In print, we wanted to capture exactly what DURA is going to do to customers – make them fall in love with their Ford car.”

The commercial’s catchy track has found its way to telephones at Ford as a call hold tune on the landlines and a ring-back tone on their mobiles. Suddenly everyone’s going ‘DURA’. “And there is certainly more to come,” said an enthusiastic Gupta.

Ford will establish the DURA technology in the country with the Ford Fiesta, which will be launched this November.

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