New Orangy commercial from Mirinda scores high on fun quotient

New Orangy commercial from Mirinda scores high on fun quotient

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Sep 24,2005 8:20 AM

New Orangy commercial from Mirinda scores high on fun quotient

Mirinda has launched its new television commercial that centres around the drink’s orangy taste. The ad features a cool dude, who is so hung up on his Mirinda that he pursues anything that reminds him of his orange drink.

In his obsession with sucking out even the last drop of his Mirinda from the bottle, he goes around practicing his suction power on anything orange that reminds him of his favourite drink. He finally manages to suck out that last most satisfying drop of his Mirinda.

“We believe that the new commercial captures the orange category in an interesting manner, in a way that has never been done before,” said Punita Lal, Executive Director- Marketing, PepsiCo India.

She added that it was a fun, out-of-the-ordinary commercial that young consumers would love it. The message behind the commercial is simple – Mirinda is an irresistible drink that is so tasty that one wouldn’t want to forgo even a single drop.

The film opens with a young guy with his head on a table tennis table, making a loud suction sound, trying to suck an orange table tennis ball kept on the table. The same guy tries same trick, this time with an orange-coloured flower at a clinic, much to the surprise of others present there. The guy next tries holds up a game of basketball when he tries to such the orange-coloured ball towards him.

Needless to say, he is unsuccessful all the time. But not the one to give up, the guy falls on his knees in his pursuit to suck an orange-coloured label on a girl’s bag in a lift, startling her in the process.

The guy meets with some success when he tries to suck an orange-coloured miniature replica of the Volkswagen Beatle. The miniature car moves towards him, making the never-give-up guy realise his ability to suck.

So he promptly grabs a bottle of Mirinda and finishes it off in one gulp. And yes, he does manage to suck out that teeny-weeny last drop at the bottom of the bottle as well. The colour orange prevails throughout the ad to drive home the message.

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