New Livon TVC carries forward the hair detangling message

New Livon TVC carries forward the hair detangling message

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Nov 12,2005 9:23 AM

New Livon TVC carries forward the hair detangling message

The Livon TVC, developed by Mudra, which broke recently, carries forward the hair detangling message to address a younger audience. The TVC also reiterates the message that Livon prevents hair loss caused by breakage due to tangling. The new TVC seeks to give the brand an overall younger image, besides widening the target group base.

Said Vipin Dhyani, Group Head-Copy, Mudra, Ahmedabad, “Traditionally, the ‘sufferer’ in any Livon communication has been the typical housewife, 30-32 years old. But with this commercial, there was a deliberate effort to address the younger audience – college going teenage girls, who are a lot more conscious about their hair and appearance.”

Hair breakage resulting from combing wet hair is often taken for granted, this breakage was required to be projected as a serious loss that was being overlooked on a daily basis. This meant addressing it in terms of general carelessness to such an extent that it becomes a source of suffering and embarrassment. Thus, by using ‘embarrassment due to ignorance’ as a trigger, it was more realistic and appealing to talk about the issue of hair loss, instead of explaining the benefits of Livon in a clinical, boring manner.

Enter Livon

Dhyani added that the plot revolved around Radhika, who is the young college going protagonist of the commercial (and also the signature identity now – “woh Raadhika waali film” , people say), faces embarrassment on daily basis, as her every act of carelessness is easily caught by her family members. From a bottle of jam left open, to a toothbrush or a bed sheet, there is always a “Radhika ka baal”, around as an evidence of her act of carelessness! And once she uses Livon, the problem is solved. However, as a tickling twist or as a payoff, Radhika is now again a source of botheration for her family members, as there is a flood of calls from admirers, who are besotted due to Radhika’s great looking and healthy hair.

Dhyani explained, “We are making two or three films simultaneously as we making these ad films for the female target audience. The second TVC, which broke recently, targets primarily housewives (25+) but in a way that it was not age specific, but mindset specific – it aimed to shake the “taken for granted approach” – the general apathy towards the hair lost due to breakage while combing the wet- tangled hair.

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