New Krack Cream TVC breaks on air in December

New Krack Cream TVC breaks on air in December

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Nov 14,2005 8:17 AM

New Krack Cream TVC breaks on air in December

The objective of the last Krack Cream film on air highlighted a daughter’s concern about her mother, who is very particular about her family but forgets about her own well being. Retaining these emotions of concern and care, it was time to go a step further in the next series of films.

The new TVC will explore two new dimensions – firstly to highlight the strong mother-daughter association in a new light and a new situation; secondly, to look at other relations within a home, where the person is closely associated with the lady and reminds her of Krack in a manner that touches an emotional chord with the audience. Both the ‘Hill Station” film as well as the “Couple” film will do just that.

Vipin Dhyani, Group Head-Copy, Mudra, said, “The TVC is breaking in the first week of December. The plot in the first film is called the ‘Hill Station’. It is a story where a mother is reminded to take care of herself (using Krack Cream on her heels) when the daughter is not going to be around for a long time. The story shows a mother coming back home after seeing off her daughter. She notices packs of Krack Cream kept at all the places where her mother will see them with a note that says, ‘Maa… Bhoolna nahi’. This comes across as an innovative way of reminding the mother, and so brings smiles, lifting the mood and bringing about a sense of relief and assurance even for the audience.”

The second film, elaborated Dhyani, looks at a young, dedicated housewife’s concern from a husband’s point of view. Here, too, the surprise and smiles come together as the film doesn’t show a clichéd lovey-dovey ‘ad like couple’, but a realistic situation, where the husband is hurriedly getting ready to leave for an outstation tour and repeatedly calls for his wife to arrange his belongings like mobile, a file or the flight ticket, etc.

He appears to be careless and unconcerned about his wife’s multi-tasking, as she is also looking after their young child. He does notice his wife’s cracked heels but doesn’t seem to be bothered about it, as he leaves home. And just then, the turnaround happens, as the husband comes back and hands over a pack of Krack Cream to his wife even as he is running late for the trip. There are smiles, surprise, and emotions portrayed in the film.

Said Rajesh Sonawne, Creative Director, Mudra-DDB, Ahmedabad, “Krack Cream is about love and care.”

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