New B’lore Head at Grey Worldwide

New B’lore Head at Grey Worldwide

Author | Shubha Kumble | Wednesday, Jan 28,2004 6:03 AM

New B’lore Head at Grey Worldwide

The Bangalore branch of Grey Worldwide welcomed its new Head yesterday. Anirudha Mukhedkar, the outgoing VP, has relocated to Mumbai and will head Grey operations there. Taking his place in Bangalore is Sushant Panda, another Grey old-timer.

According to Panda, the reshuffling of senior executives is part of a larger restructuring plan within Grey. “A part of this plan is to give senior management enough experience across different offices. You might be a part of one organisation but different teams, different places and different environments introduce new challenges, which is welcome,” he says. Panda, who previously headed the agency’s Colombo operations, feels that Bangalore holds a fine client mix. “I think the first few months will go in understanding what the clients are all about. The city might be small in terms of size, but in terms of market, it is far larger than it has been given credit for,” he adds.

When asked if frequent shifts will weaken client-agency bonds, Panda says, “Yes, to some extent, clients choose their agencies based on personal preferences, but it is ultimately about the organisation and not about an individual and I think most clients understand that today. The first few months will go in consolidation to ensure that our existing clients are okay with the change.”

Elaborating on his plans for the agency, Panda says that much of his efforts would go in building the agency to be a complete business solution provider that goes beyond the service of advertising. “This could call for a greater investment on the part of the agency for research and other initiatives, but it would help us to come up with highly focused creatives,” he explains. Running parallel to this, he adds, was the need to boost internal motivation to keep the agency running on full throttle.

Last year saw Grey add on a couple of new clients including Eva, AVT and Wrigley’s besides winning back the Lee account.

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