New Aprais to partner Sting Communication for client-agency relationship audits

New Aprais to partner Sting Communication for client-agency relationship audits

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Thursday, May 26,2005 4:20 PM

New Aprais to partner Sting Communication for client-agency relationship audits

Aprais, a UK-based marketing communications consultancy, is entering the Indian market in strategic partnership with Sting Communications to provide relationship audit tools to measure client-agency relationships. Sunil Gupta, Director of Sting Communications, has been appointed Country Head-India and Sri Lanka for Aprais.

Talking about the tie-up, Malcolm Rankin, Chairman-Asia Pacific, Aprais, said, “The service that we provide is more like auditing the relationship between client and agency for longevity of their partnership and for better outcome. It aims at clients and agencies wishing to arrive at equitable solutions for agency compensation.”

Aprais works with marketers and their advertising, direct marketing, PR and other communication agencies to help them interact together more effectively. The service is an online process using proprietary and sophisticated web-based technology, backed by high-level human facilitation. Using these specially created proprietary processes, Aprais enables these often complex relationships to be measured and managed, and agencies being ultimately paid according to their measured performance.

Aprais, with its vast accumulated data and specialist knowledge, is uniquely positioned to understand global issues and trends. “More than 16,000 individuals have completed the online Aprais questionnaire, and in three years we have reported assessed nearly 2,000 relationships across the world,” informed Rankin.

Aprais has a client base that includes well-known brands like Nestle, Renault, Philips, Emirates, Toyota, Kimberly Clark, GSK, etc., and agencies like O&M, Lowe, JWT, McCann, BBDO, Publicis, Euro RSCG, Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi in different parts of the world.

Gupta said, “Many clients and agencies we are talking to are already familiar with Aprais through their counterparts using it in other parts of the world. So we are finding the level of acceptance of the ‘Partnership’ philosophy that Aprais engenders to be already reasonably high.”

He added, “Our philosophy is to focus solely on relationship appraisal and performance enhancement work rather getting into peripheral areas which could potentially put us into conflict-of-interest situations.”

As an example, Aprais recently conducted an analysis of a major client’s scores of multiple agency relationships over seven rounds. During that time, these scores increased from an average of 56.7 per cent in Round 1 to 73.1 per cent in Round 7, an increase of 28 per cent in the client’s perception of the agency’s performance. Rankin contends, “This could only have happened from the client’s continued reliance on the Aprais system.”

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