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Net users outpaces, TV, magazines

Net users outpaces, TV, magazines

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 10:47 AM

Net users outpaces, TV, magazines A recent IDC survey says that the daily use of a computer by an average Internet user in metros has touched 2.5 hours, outpacing other mediums of information such as TV (1.6 hours) and magazines (1.2 hours). In the first in series of Internet usage behaviour surveys spanning the top 13 Inian cities, the International Data Corp further said that the average monthly spending of an Internet user in the Indian metros has touched Rs 596 compared to Rs 217 spend on newspapers and magazines and Rs 132 on television. On the Internet access points, the survey said that 3 per cent of the respondent access Net at the place of work while 28 per cent did so at home and 24 per cent at cybercafes.
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