Need creative people at Media Abby Awards: Ashish Bhasin: Goafest 2013

Need creative people at Media Abby Awards: Ashish Bhasin: Goafest 2013

Author | Ashish Bhasin | Saturday, Apr 06,2013 2:49 AM

Need creative people at Media Abby Awards: Ashish Bhasin: Goafest 2013

Every year at this time, we all fondly look forward to Goafest. As Chairman of the Media Abbys, it gives me great pleasure to note that we have a record number of entries this year. We did do some things differently this year. First of all, we ensured that the judging process went digital and every judge was assigned his or her own laptop, with headphones, to be able to view all the entries independently. This made the judging process more robust and efficient. The other decision was to break up Digital as a category into different sub-categories, because it made no sense to me to be judging an SEO campaign alongside a website or a mobile app alongside a digital media innovation. This seems to have worked well and what came as a surprise even to me was that nearly 40-45 per cent of the entries for the Media Abbys were in these categories of Digital. Perhaps it is a sign of the times to come!

For the Media Abbys, we had several experienced Jury Members conducting a two-step judging process. I thank them for not only putting in the diligent effort and hard work but also maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. Fortunately, thanks to all the efforts made by several industry players and mature jury members we have so far avoided controversies or ill will in the Media Abbys. I do hope that this trend continues.

I was also very pleased to see entries from other South Asian countries. I am optimistic that with better and timely communication and with improved ease of getting visas, the Media Abbys will soon become a South Asia event and not just an India event.

Finally, I do hope that a lot of creative people will attend the Media Abby Awards function, so that they can see as well as guide their media colleagues on how to be more and more creative and innovative. While we have significantly improved, some more help in the presentation of our media case studies will put India on top of global media awards.

Here’s looking forward to a great Goafest 2013 and a superb Media Abbys Award function this evening.

Ashish Bhasin is Chairman India & CEO South East Asia, Aegis Media and Chairman, Media Abbys

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