NASSCOM-BCG Report on E-commerce

NASSCOM-BCG Report on E-commerce

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NASSCOM-BCG Report on E-commerce

While the hype generated by dotcom valuations resulted in widespread awareness of the power of the Internet, the subsequent collapse has resulted in a degree of scepticism on the Internet’s potential for value creation. There is a need to revisit the subject of e-commerce and re-assess its potential to enable value creation.

This report, a joint study of NASSCOM and The Boston Consulting Group, evaluates the impact of e-commerce on Indian Industry, the Indian IT industry and the Indian government, and suggests imperatives for India Inc. to capture the existing global e-commerce opportunity. The report is based on extensive quantitative analysis and primary and secondary research carried out between January and May 2001. This report will be presented at NASSCOM’s third annual conference on e-business, which is being held at Bangalore, India. Over the past two years, this event has become an important forum to understand new trends, technologies and strategies for e-business. Attended by over 600 CEOs of the IT industry and users, it provides an excellent opportunity to network and to conduct business.

Earlier this year, NASSCOM commissioned the services of the Boston Consulting Group to conduct a comprehensive study on the e-commerce scenario in India. The study exhaustively covered the impact, threats and opportunities created by e-commerce for Indian Corporates, the Indian IT industry and the government, as well as the implications of all three constituencies. The findings of this study will be released at NASSCOM’s E-biz India 2001 in a daylong summit.

The scope of the report includes:
  • Directional numbers on the extent of adoption of e-commerce by Indian industry by 2005, and the key barriers to e-commerce adoption that need to be overcome to achieve the above targets.
  • Implications for industry CEOs to capture the benefits from e-commerce and a framework to help them prioritise their investments.
  • Assessment of the overall e-solutions services market that can accrue to the Indian IT industry by 2005 and 2010, and what the industry needs to do to capture this.
  • A prioritized agenda for policy makers to ensure that India does not lag behind other economies in e-commerce adoption and to maximize benefits from e-governance.
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