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Munch ka crunch ya Perk ka weight?

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Munch ka crunch ya Perk ka weight?

Move over the Coke-Pepsi battle royale; brand rivalry now moves on to two of the most loved chocolate brands over their crunchiness and lightness. And who doesn’t love ad wars when it’s Cadbury Perk and Nestle Munch?

Recently, Cadbury Perk came out with an ad ridiculing Nestle Munch for being a lighter chocolate with less wafer layers. The ad tells the story of two brothers, Monu and Sonu, and their dad. Monu decides to leave his house over the discrimination done by his father in giving them a chocolate. He is unhappy over receiving a chocolate that is of 11.5 gm and has only three wafers as compared to Perk, which is of 17 gm and has four wafers. Monu expresses his deep sorrow over getting an inferior chocolate and the ad ends with voice-over, “The new-twin bar of Cadbury Perk Glucose - Extra Wafer, Extra Chocolaty, Extra Pyaar.” It is a hilarious concept that expresses the grief of the neglected child and the product shown in the ad can be clearly identified as Nestle Munch.

Watch the Cadbury Perk ad here…

Munch threw back a punch at Perk by recreating the same ad with a twist. The ad opens with a father asking his son, Sonu, to get up and go to school. He spots a letter on the table in which Sonu mentions that his dad loves Monu more because he gave a heavier chocolate to Sonu, while Monu got the tastier and crunchier, Munch. He explains that chocolates are eaten for taste and not weight. He urges his dad to use the other chocolate as a paperweight. The ad ends with a voice-over, “Crunchiest ever, tastiest ever - Nestle Munch. The choice is clear.”

Watch the Nestle Munch ad here…

A wild fire was created on Twitter and Facebook over this war. The very popular tweets stated: “Hilarious new Nestlé MUNCH Ad! Every other chocolate wafer will feel the #MUNCHKaPunch for sure, Isliyeey kehtey hai...don’t throw your weight around”...; “#MUNCHkaPunch awesome response and While people enjoy the #CrunchiestEver awesomeness of #MunchKaPunch, others simply ‘weight’ and watch”. Some simply termed it as an aggressive and smart strategy to counter competition.

It is a humourous blow to Cadbury Perk and gives the message that the choice is clear, with Munch being the leader in this category. The ad targets Cadbury Perk with clever statements such as “Chocolate hum taste ke liye khate hai, weight ke liye nahi”, “Use the heavy chocolate as a paperweight,” and “Before eating a parantha, do you ask mom about its weight?” It is a light-hearted and hilarious response to competition.

The consumers have witnessed the never-ending cola wars and most recently, Pepsodent’s attack on Colgate, which took the industry by surprise. Both the brands have to be in a relative position to challenge and the campaign should be crafted in a manner so that it connects with the audience and humour plays an essential role in terms of connect. In the recent past, we have seen Cadbury emerging out of product-centric advertising and creating celebrities such as Ramesh and Suresh to enjoy top of mind recall. But will Monu and Sonu be as iconic as Ramesh and Suresh?

With increasing competition, these advertising strategies are bound to get more and more aggressive. It is the brand’s right to keep consumers informed about the details of the product to refine choices. However, whether this have an impact on the consumers or will be just a marketing gimmick to gain popularity still remains to be seen.


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