Mudra repositions Yamaha Crux on the 'dependability' platform

Mudra repositions Yamaha Crux on the 'dependability' platform

Author | Malini Menon | Wednesday, Apr 27,2005 7:46 AM

Mudra repositions Yamaha Crux on the 'dependability' platform

George Bernard Shaw had defined the middle class as "I have to live for others and not for myself - that's middle class morality." This sentiment of 'dependability' has been captured by Mudra Communications for the new ad campaign of Yamaha Crux. Keeping Indian values in mind, the ad conveys the approachability and affordability of the brand, without compromising on quality. The new commercial hit media on April 22.

Said Hemant Misra, President, Mudra Communications, "This new ad campaign is a result of extensive consumer research which has led to fresh insights. The campaign is expected to play a vital role in creating an endearing bond between the brand and its customers, both truly understand and live-up to responsibility."

Misra said that Yamaha Crux has not been in the media for sometime now and the positioning too wasn't very clear. "Previously, the message was 'time ka pucca,' which indicated that the bike could help you reach places in time compared to regular transport. This time the message is very different. Mudra has used the 'dependability' factor rather than being 'in control' as the campaign's theme," he explained.

Misra added, "It's more of a man's experience of adulthood that we are capturing in the new campaign. The target group is the middle class and the ad shows how a man's journey begins as he grows older and takes up fresh responsibilities. The campaign focuses on the Indian male, as the responsible young man who respects his family and friends, and takes forward the family values to the new roads in life. The ad leaves an emotional and sensitive impact on the viewers with its clear messaging 'Zimmedari Ke Liye Tayyar'."

Highlighting the consumer buying patterns across the country, Dinesh Chandra, GM-Marketing, Yamaha India, said, "The TVC will help in positioning the new Yamaha Crux-S bike as a dependable bike. The agency worked on a single word brief of 'dependability.' The film nicely balances the functional and emotional appeal. The jingle is the high point of this film as the same is distinct, hummable and likeable."

The film has been shot in Rajasthan, Palampur in Himachal Pradesh and Mumbai. It has been produced by Red Ice and directed by Sujit Sircar. Renowned music director Vishaal Bhardwaj has composed the music and the playback score is by Suresh Wadhkar.

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