Mudra releases two campaigns on Reliance Communications

Mudra releases two campaigns on Reliance Communications

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Jun 11,2007 6:14 PM

Mudra releases two campaigns on Reliance Communications

Mudra has released two campaigns for Reliance Communications. The Reliance PCO campaign and the Reliance Communication’s Data Centre and Video Conferencing campaign are a part of the offering. Reliance Communications was started with the intent of making telephony accessible to the masses by reducing the cost of a call to less than the cost of a postcard.

JS Mani, Business Head, Mudra Mumbai, said that the challenge for the creative team was to highlight the contribution of Reliance PCO to the enrichment of lives of the masses in India, and to do this in a simple, effective and yet understated manner. The Director of both the campaigns is Vineel Mathew; the Producer is Anand Menon, while the production house is Footcandles. “The idea was to take viewers on a journey to ‘discover’ Reliance Communications,” said Mani.

Mani explained, “The brief was to communicate how the Reliance PCO chain has contributed to the betterment of the masses by providing them with a better mode of communication. This film is also a part of the overall campaign to correct the popular perception about Reliance Communications being just a mobile telephony company.”

The visual metaphor of children playing with paper boats made out of postcards has been used to convey how Reliance PCO has changed the very paradigm of communication for the common man.

Explaining the TVCs, Mani said, “The big challenge was to create communication that would operate simultaneously as a B2B communication, and to ensure comprehension by the wide range of stakeholders -- analysts, investors, shareholders, potential and current employees -- all of whom may not be tech savvy.”

Mani added, “Both the campaigns are already visible in main newspapers and magazines. The TVC is currently on all news and entertainment channels. The campaign will run for 12 weeks.”

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