MotoYuva TVC revives the ‘oh to be young again’ moment

MotoYuva TVC revives the ‘oh to be young again’ moment

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Apr 26,2008 8:34 AM

MotoYuva TVC revives the ‘oh to be young again’ moment

As its name suggests, the MotoYuva W270 phone seeks to extend Motorola’s positioning as ‘phones for the young’. O&M has conceptualised a new TVC to emphasis this ‘yuva’ proposition and everyone’s desire to prolong their stay in ‘youngistan’.

Soda Films is the production house behind the TVC, which has been directed by Rajesh Krishnan. The team that has worked on this TVC include Loveleen Raina, Vikash Chemjong and Basabjeet Majumdar.

Lloyd Mathias, Director-Marketing, India & South West Asia, Motorola Mobile Devices, said, “MotoYuva is targeted at the young consumers and is our way of ‘arming’ the young with ‘markers’ that can help them make a statement. With the launch of the W270 phone, we are giving them a stylish clamshell form with music features that the young seek at an affordable price point.”

The TVC shows a young guy speaking to his girlfriend on his MotoYuva W270 phone. Once through with his phone call he keeps down the phone on a table, which is then picked up by his father. The father then puts on the headset of the phone and begins the same head grooving action of his son. He then pretends to speak with someone on the phone and mimics his son’s mannerisms, but is highly embarrassed when caught in the act by his wife and son. But the voiceover explains: ‘Style aisa ab jhoomenge sab’.

The communication for MotoYuva W270 extends Motorola’s position on ‘phones for the young’, playing on the now familiar Moto take on the father-son relationship. Said, Mathias, “It is our way of highlighting the difference between the ‘old’ and the ‘new.”

Abhijit Avasthi, Creative Director, O&M, said, “The question in our minds was when a father gets angry at his 18-year old son, is he getting angry at the son or himself? Youth is something we all covet and perhaps the realisation that our time is gone just plays up the frustration – of having lost out on a few carefree moments that only the young can afford.”

Avasthi further said, “The TVC revolves around everybody’s desire to be young. However, it is debatable if by ‘acting young’ do we get young or make a fool of ourselves? After all, there are some licenses that only age can give you.” Mathias elaborated, “Yuva in a way is a club meant only for the young. This commercial just throws up an endearing and real situation that all of us on the wrong side of youth can empathise with.”
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