Motorola unfurls its first Indian TVC, targets the mass market

Motorola unfurls its first Indian TVC, targets the mass market

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Feb 20,2006 8:15 AM

Motorola unfurls its first Indian TVC, targets the mass market

Motorola has come out with its first Indian TVC with the launch of its C-139 phone. The TVC is in keeping with Motorola’s strategy to tap the mass market and look at bringing first time cellphone users into its fold. The target audience is mainly tradesmen or labourers, who are looking for an affordable colour phone.

The TVC features a man expertly pouring lassi from one glass into another and juggling the glasses with the finesse of a seasoned bartender much to the awe and amusement of a motley gathering. Then the glass morphs into a cellphone, with the ‘lassiwala’ still continuing with his juggling act. VO: “Ab sabhi bolenge rangeen duniya ko ‘Hello’. Pesh hai Motorola C139 colour phone sirf Rs 2999 mein.”

Elaborating on the concept behind the ad, Lloyd Mathias, Marketing Director, Motorola, said, “The C-139 is a mass market phone. It is an entry level colour phone with great battery life and a torch. It is a colour phone priced at the below Rs 3,000, which no other brand has been able to offer. The brief we gave to the agency was to highlight how the Motorola user is different. The creative idea was to bring some ‘moto’ in your life.”

Ogilvy, VP-Client Servicing, Lakshmi Dutta Gupta, said, “C-139 is a truly mass market phone, which will connect with the common man living in rural and semi-urban areas, who has a hard life but is not afraid to face the life he has. The key audience for our ad are people who could be tradesmen or labourers, whose lives revolve around their family and neighbourhood, and for whom the television is the only link to the outside world. Everything for them is about earning the extra buck and providing as much as they can for their children. While one’s real prospects may seem bleak, our guy’s reaction to the ‘hand that fate has dealt’ is more upbeat than others. He is always looking to change his situation, resolute in his belief that life can and will be better. He is hardworking, alert, optimistic and constantly seeking opportunities here and there. He has a ‘never say die’ attitude that marks him out from the rest.”

She added, “We want to build an association between the Motorola phone and a feeling of grounded optimism. So, when it comes to buying their first new mobile phone, the more optimistic people will express their optimism by choosing a Motorola phone. The mood of our communication will be grounded optimism, rooted in their real lives but not frivolous, over the top day dreams. It will be light humour and will show the protagonist as a local hero. More exciting things happen when you use a Motorola phone.”

Mathias added, “We also have hoardings across 35 towns, point-of-sale materials, print ads in main dailies and regional newspapers, TVC in main channels as well as regional channels.”

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