Motorola takes cellphone addiction a step further

Motorola takes cellphone addiction a step further

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Nov 26,2007 6:25 AM

Motorola takes cellphone addiction a step further

People glued to their mobile phones has become a common sight. Motorola gives this phone addiction a twist of humour in its new TVC for the MotoYuva W180. Created by O&M, the TVC depicts the heights of the youths’ obsession with their cellphones.

O&M Executive Creative Director Abhijit Avasthi said, “The basic message that we tried to convey through this campaign was that this phone is extremely addictive for kids. In fact, the phone is so addictive that parents would have a tough time getting kids away from it.”

He further said, “The brief we got from the client was that MotoYuva is a series of phones from Motorola that celebrates the coming of age of the Indian youth. Apart from offering a Hinglish predictive text feature that has been an instant hit with the youth, it offers FM, a loud and crystal clear speaker phone, 750 SMS and 500 phone book memory, all of which make this phone a highly addictive and engrossing device. It is priced at Rs 1,999. We had to communicate the phone features in an interesting manner.”

The TVC depicts the plight of a father who buys a MotoYuva phone for his son Billu. Even as Billu gets engrossed with his new phone, exploring its various features, his father feels neglected and tries several means to attract his son’s attention. He even goes to the extent of buying a mannequin head that looks like him. When even some loud sneezing by the father fails to have any impact on Billu, his father rolls the mannequin head towards him. As the head comes to rest near his feet, Billu looks down only to get the shock of his life. A shocked Billu looks towards his father, who finally gets his son’s attention. But the tagline reflects the father’s thoughts: ‘Haan Moto Yuva aaya, aur aapka beta gaya’.

Llyod Mathias, Director-Marketing, Mobile Devices, Motorola, said, “This phone is targeted at the youth. Today’s youth is very tech savvy and addicted to mobile phones. We wanted to highlight the features of the MotoYuva W180, which has several features that would appeal to the youth. This phone is so addictive that your son or daughter will get totally absorbed in it.”

Mathias added, “The TVC is breaking in all the music and entertainment channels on November 28. The OOH hoardings are already up all over Delhi. We are targeting the 16-24 age group.”

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