Moto ROKR E8 TVC aims to bring out the music in you

Moto ROKR E8 TVC aims to bring out the music in you

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Wednesday, Jun 25,2008 8:22 AM

Moto ROKR E8 TVC aims to bring out the music in you

The new TVC for the Motorola ROKR E8 phone sees brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan dancing with gay abandon, reminiscent of his ‘Kajra re’ antics in ‘Bunty aur Babli’. Bachchan Jr has been seamlessly woven into the idea and is seen struggling with his music side and his initial experiences with the phone. Abhijit Avasthi and Avinash Baliga form the creative team at Ogilvy, who worked on the idea. Corcoise Films is the production house, while Prashant Issar (Sippy) is the director.

Lloyd Mathias, Director Marketing, India & South West Asia, Motorola Mobile Devices, explained, “To strengthen our ROKR portfolio of music phones, we needed to connect and engage with the music lover at a deeper level. It is our attempt to understand a music lover’s relationship with his music and offer him a complete music ecosystem to access his music anytime, anywhere while-on-the-go. Abhishek, who himself carries a cool persona, related well with the concept of the TVC as he himself is a big music buff.”

Abhijit Avasthi, Executive Creative Director, O&M, said, “There is a side to all of us that constantly craves for music, to be in touch with our music self. It is this moment that we wanted to capture in Abhishek’s life as a Bollywood star. Interestingly, the idea stems from a product truth and draws a parallel between duality in the product and the duality in the user. And all this supported our launching pad for our ROKR proposition ‘for you and music you’.”

“The brief that we got from Motorola was to launch the ROKR E8. One moment it is a phone, the other moment it is the music in the phone – kind of a morphing device. The TVC brings to life these features in the phone,” Avasthi added.

The film shows Abhishek in his daily life as a film star, listening to scripts, making conversations. However, every time he tries to start a conversation or tries to concentrate on something, his inner musical self starts to come to the fore, making him do a jig uncontrollably. In an attempt to get rid of this abnormal wobbling in his body, Abhishek rushes to the washroom, where he rips opens his shirt. Then out pops a miniature Abhishek who frantically urges the actor to play some music. Once the musi is switched on, the miniature guy begins to dance in gay abandon. And despite trying his best to stay still, Abhishek, the actor, too, starts grooving with the music.

“The basic message behind the TVC is that this is the morphing phone, which is ideal for the music lover inside each one of us,” Avasthi said, adding, “The TVC broke in all entertainment and news channels on June 21. Print and OOH ads will follow soon.”

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