Mother Dairy goes the health way with ‘b-Activ’ probiotic curd

Mother Dairy goes the health way with ‘b-Activ’ probiotic curd

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jul 30,2007 9:06 AM

Mother Dairy goes the health way with ‘b-Activ’ probiotic curd

Mother Dairy recently launched ‘b-Activ’ probiotic curd in Delhi. The probiotic curd offers nutritional benefits and helps in keeping the digestive system balanced, offering energy, vitality and good health.

Paul Thachil, CEO, Mother Dairy India Ltd, said, “By venturing into the probiotic category with the specific benefit of regulating the digestive system, Mother Dairy has addressed a strong unmet need of Indian families. We hope to take the lead in building a strong pro-biotic range with other relevant consumer benefits over the next two-three years, to become a leading player in this category.”

As part of its on-ground initiative towards increasing awareness for its probiotic curd, Mother Dairy plans to organise educative seminars by nutritionists for women groups. These seminars will focus on advantages of probiotic products in daily life. In order to propagate the benefit of healthy lifestyle among young adults, Mother Dairy will tie up with prominent business process outsourcing firms for free sampling of its product.

The company will also conduct consumer-sampling exercises at family entertainment centres and malls to support its campaign for healthy food. Mother Dairy will also initiate a large doctor engagement programme wherein the company will target physicians and dieticians to educate them about the benefits of Mother Dairy ‘b-Activ’. Under its retail promotion programme, the company will tie up with leading hospitals to place Mother Dairy ‘b-Activ’ probiotic curd at their outlets and hospital cafeteria.

“The advantage of Mother Diary b-Activ Probiotic curd is that regular consumption provides the consumer with the added benefits of improved nutrient absorption, well balanced digestive system, and strong immunity besides the goodness of dairy. The Probiotic strain that is used in this product is highly beneficial for strengthening the digestive system, and being 98 per cent fat free makes it an ideal choice for the entire family,” added Thachil.

Mother Dairy ‘b-Activ’ probiotic curd is available in 90 gm, 200gm and 400 gm packs for individual and family consumption priced at Rs 6, Rs 14 and Rs 24, respectively. Initially Mother Dairy ‘b-Activ’ probiotic curd will be available in Delhi and will be launched subsequently in the rest of the country over a period of time.

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