Moser Baer on a futuristic trip for its LCD TV range

Moser Baer on a futuristic trip for its LCD TV range

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, Sep 04,2008 8:15 AM

Moser Baer on a futuristic trip for its LCD TV range

Moser Baer, best known for making movie VCDs and DVDs available at unbelievably low prices, is venturing into the highly competitive consumer electronics category with its range of LCD TVs comprising eight models. In a bid to promote its LCD TVs the company has come up with a TVC that is something out of a ‘Star Wars’ or our desi ‘Love Story 2050’.

The TVC, which has been conceptualised by TBWA Delhi, is breaking on all major channels on September 5. The entire film has been created digitally over a period of two months in New Zealand by Sauce, a post-production and CG unit, and directed by Nomad Films.

Anirban Sen, VP-Creative, TBWA Delhi, said, “The brief we got from Moser Baer was to announce that the company is foraying in to LCD TVs and at the same time create clutter-breaking communication. The message that we have tried to convey in the TVC is that here is a TV with superior technology that is ahead of its time.”

He added, “We are targeting mostly young males, 28+ years old, high-profile corporate executives.”

In keeping with the creative thought behind the commercial, the film shows a familiar enough situation, but with a futuristic look. The TVC opens with a room where someone is watching TV. The focus is on a spider as it crawls across the room, finally settling on the TV set. A close-up reveals it is no ordinary spider, but a bot. The focus then shifts to the person watching the TV, it is no human being, but a droid. The droid gets excited by a fight showing on the TV screen and lets out a very ‘unhuman’ metallic yell as the fight comes to an end. He (yes, the droid is modelled on a male) then pops a metallic chip or two in his metallic mouth, which disappear in a flurry of sparks as he chews them. The next show on the TV, a romantic soap opera, is of no interest to him, so the droid dozes off. The focus shifts to the LCD TV on the wall. The screen and voiceover state: ‘The ultra advanced Moser Baer LCD TV. Are you ready for it?’

Sen added that later this week, the campaign would break on the Internet, games on net, print, and OOH platforms. The company is also undertaking below the line activities as part of its 360-degree promotional initiatives.

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