Mirinda’s new TVC captures the hype of ‘Batman Begins’

Mirinda’s new TVC captures the hype of ‘Batman Begins’

Author | Preeti Jadhav | Thursday, Jun 16,2005 8:02 AM

Mirinda’s new TVC captures the hype of ‘Batman Begins’

The dark Knight is poised to return to the big-screen, and capturing this excitement is Mirinda’s new commercial for the launch of ‘Batman Blast Berry Fusion’. The global ad campaign uses the film’s footage and tries to make the consumer not only use the new product but also provides a varied experience.

On the creative brief, Lloyd Mathias, Executive VP, PepsiCo, said, “The brief was to ride the hype behind the global release of 'Batman Begins' by introducing a limited edition flavour that captures the thrill of the movie. The mainstay flavours of the Mirinda trademark are orange and lemon. However, innovation is a key building block and source of growth for the brand.”

“With Batman generating unprecedented excitement among movie-going audiences world-wide, we want to reach out to our consumers here in India, and be a catalyst in making their Batman experience a memorable one," he added.

Mirinda had undertaken a similar initiative last year when it partnered the launch of ‘Spiderman 2’ in India and pushed commemorative packs in the market. This year Mirinda has taken its association with global blockbusters to the logical next step by launching a limited edition flavour in addition to all the activities undertaken last year.

Explaining the making of the ad, Anuja Chauhan, VP and Director, JWT India, said, “We basically used the film footage released by Warner Brothers and combined it with 3D-modelled pack shots to create communication that captures the thrilling flavour of Batman and Mirinda's ‘Batman Blast Berry Fusion.’

The launch ad is backed by a 360-degree marketing and promotional campaign ranging from gifts, SMS contest, POP sales and communicating through a microsite.

Thrill is one aspect that is common to both the movie and the limited edition flavour of Mirinda. The core idea behind the commercial is to integrate the two in such a way that the hype on any one pushes the success of the other.

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