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Mindshare India restructured, rebranded

Mindshare India restructured, rebranded

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Sep 24,2008 8:46 AM

Mindshare India restructured, rebranded

MindShare is now Mindshare, and the change is not just from a capital ‘S’ to a small ‘s’. Mindshare has completely rebranded itself to reflect the global restructuring that the agency had undertaken earlier in the year. On September 23, 2008, Mindshare unveiled the comprehensive worldwide rebranding of its corporate identity. The aim, as the agency put it, is to become a client’s ‘lead business partner’.

The redesign, developed in partnership with branding agency Moving Brands, coincides with the WPP agency’s ongoing global restructure announced earlier this year, and is its first in over a decade. The network’s branding will retain the signature colour purple, which was established at its inception from the merger of JWT and O&M media departments in 1997, but would include a complete refresh of the agency’s brandmark and visual identity.

The new form attempts to represent the agency’s new approach, simplifying its structure from more than a dozen separate specialist departments to four integrated, collaborative groups: Client Leadership, Business Planning, Invention and The Exchange.

An official communiqué stated, “The new brandmark consists of a bespoke wordmark and Mindshare’s new partner symbol. The symbol has been created to reflect the structure and form of Mindshare’s business. It shows two forms coming together to create a new form, reflecting Mindshare’s partnerships with clients, suppliers and other agencies. The flow of colour symbolises the flow of creativity across the business and the segmentation mirrors the bringing together of specialist expertise within Mindshare’s ‘open source’ approach to client business, which enhances a platform neutral approach.”

One of the most significant changes in Mindshare’s global identity would be the representation of the bespoke wordmark in upper case. When written in prose, MindShare will no longer have the upper case ‘S’ previously used in its name – hence the company’s name would now be ‘Mindshare’ and not ‘MindShare’.

Ashutosh Srivastava, CEO, Mindshare APAC, said, “This exercise reflects not just a new corporate identity but a fundamental reboot of the company – to reorganise and focus far more strongly on partnering its clients in the emerging areas of marketing investment planning and helping create and run integrated 360 marketing programmes by becoming almost like their marketing spine. The new corporate identity, refreshing our talent, and offices are all part of the new approach and working model with clients and all other partners.”

R Gowthaman, Managing Director, Mindshare South Asia, added, “This marks a new era in the business of marketing and media, where we move up the value chain to provide wholesome marketing communication solutions to our clients in a way that is completely customised to their individual needs, a position that we aspire to be, as our clients lead business partner.”

Ailsa Lochrie, Marketing Director, Mindshare Worldwide, said, “As part of Mindshare’s drive to constantly reinvent itself and offer the best and most relevant service to our clients and as part of the ongoing network wide restructure, we took this opportunity to reinvigorate our company identity, both internally and externally. This new identity heralds our next stage of growth as a new model agency, one that acts as a marketing spine to our client’s business, focusing on partnerships, connections and collaborations.”

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