Mili Chai TVC mocks scheme driven tea brands

Mili Chai TVC mocks scheme driven tea brands

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Oct 20,2007 8:16 AM

Mili Chai TVC mocks scheme driven tea brands

Hanmer Advertising Pvt Ltd has developed a new TVC for Mili Chai, which mocks the loose tea market as well as the scheme driven tea brands. Mili Chai was launched in 1994 in Gujarat by the Wagh Bakri Group. The concept of the TVC was developed by Amit Desai, Managing Director, Hanmer Advertising, while it was directed by Abhishek Acharya.

According to Desai, “Consistent reliable quality at a very reasonable price is the USP of Mili Chai. We have concentrated on this feature in the ad film”. The film is based on the premise of a henpecked husband getting back at his authoritarian and smug wife, while visiting some friends. He also takes the chance of praising the hostess in front of his wife.

The TVC hits out at scheme driven brands where the reason to buy the tea is not its quality, but the free gift that comes along with it. “With a statement like ‘Jitni badhiya scheme, utni ghatiya chai’, we aim to drive home the point that the quality of the tea purchased, and not the gift, should be the influencing factor for the purchase,” added Desai.

Desai said the TVC would be visible across some channels post-Diwali, while the print ads and outdoor ads will appear in December, across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Earlier last month, a TVC for Mili Chai had gone on air that coincided with the ICC Twenty20 World Cup. The film was based on a familiar story where the lady of the house is open to positive change and is able to persuade others to change too, based on sound logic. While the earlier TVC targetted consumers who purchased mostly loose tea, the new TVC is targetted at those tea brands that offer various schemes to lure customers on a regular basis.

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