Meridian seeks to explode some myths with Ruchi Gold cooking oil

Meridian seeks to explode some myths with Ruchi Gold cooking oil

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Oct 26,2009 8:13 AM

Meridian seeks to explode some myths with Ruchi Gold cooking oil

It seems like a fresh shift in a household, when the husband haltingly declares that his wife’s cooking is better that his mom’s, that too in front of his mother. The new Ruchi Gold cooking oil TVC, conceptualised by Meridian, seeks to break some common myths associated traditionally with food and cooking oil:

• Not all food that taste better is necessarily healthy
• Most men find their mother’s cooking tastier than their wives
• Neighbour’s food tastes better than the one cooked at home

Cooking oil is generally selected by housewives and forms the basis of cooking. In a country as diversified as India, cooking oil goes beyond every day cooking and is also used for sweets and savories.

The task at hand was to reassure the large customer base, both household and trade, and to acquire new customers by making them look at Ruchi in a whole new way – as a brand which understands food as well as they do.

The idea behind the brand is in the tagline – ‘Jo Sach Hai Vo Sach Hai’ (The truth is the truth). The truth is in the DNA of Ruchi, which claims to deliver cooking oil that is true with its high quality raw products and latest procedures.

Rensil D’Silva, Executive Creative Director, Meridian elaborated, “The team at Meridian came up with a creative execution, which in a very light-hearted manner explodes the myth that ‘Most men find their mother’s cooking tastier than their wives’. The protagonist after much soul searching garners up the courage to admit that his wife’s food tastes better than what his mother cooks. Thanks to Ruchi. All the renditions of this idea keep the conflict going.”

Harshad Sharma, Senior Creative Director, Meridian, added, “We believe ‘Jo sach hain voh sach hain’ is a highly extendable property. Not only does it lend itself across to various renditions over time, but also across media. One will soon see this idea explode across not just convention media, but also micro-sites and in the in-programme space.”

The Meridian team that works on the Ruchi account include:

Executive Creative Director: Rensil D’Silva
Senior Creative Director: Harshad Sharma
Creative Director: Tushar Wadwalkar

Head of office: Subhrajit Kar
Client Servicing Director: Partha Sarkar
Assistant Account Executive: Ami Parekh
Account Executive: Yasmine Pithawalla

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