Mentos reveals the ‘actual’ theory of evolution of Man

Mentos reveals the ‘actual’ theory of evolution of Man

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Feb 15,2008 7:00 AM

Mentos reveals the ‘actual’ theory of evolution of Man

The latest TVC of Perfetti Van Melle’s Mentos takes the Darwinian theory of evolution of Man and gives it a minty twist. The animated format of the TVC gives it an interesting look. While O&M is the creative agency, the TVC is the brainchild of ECD Abhijit Avasthi and Creative Director Jignesh Maniar. Rajesh Krishnan of Soda Films has directed the commercial.

Elaborating on the thought process behind the TVC, Maniar explained, “We wanted to take forward the previous proposition of the brand – ‘Dimaag Ki batti Jala De’ – but adopt a different route altogether. This was quiet a radical shift from what we had done before in any of our TVCs. While going for an animated format, we had to keep in mind that the film should appeal across all ages.”

The animated part of the TVC was handled by Singapore-based Frameworks Studio and took three months to complete.

The TVC begins with a monkey pulling along a donkey. As the simian stops to rest, it finds a Mentos mint on the ground, which it promptly pops in its mouth. The mint triggers an evolutionary process in the monkey’s brain making it run faster, gaining more intelligence, power, and inventing things like weapons, fire and the wheel. The transformation culminates with the monkey evolving into the ‘intelligent man’. The film ends with the ‘evolved monkey’ harnessing the donkey to pull him around, thus proving how having a Mentos can ‘Dimaag Ki batti Jala De’.

Regarding other media tie-ups and using other mediums, Maniar said that the thought would be taken across to other media as well. He added, “We have launched the campaign with the TVC and will follow it with other media like print and outdoor. Plans of on-ground activities are in the pipeline.”

On the online front, Maniar said, “Mentos Helpline is a great extension of ‘Dimag ki Batti Jala De’ proposition and has been doing extremely well. We are certainly looking forward to working on how to integrate this TVC and the ways that we can extend this thought of evolution to the digital space.”

As to how long the campaign would stay on air, Maniar said, “It depends on the response that we get, but the TVC will be on air for a while with the brand being strong.”

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