McDowell’s No. 1 happiness mantra is contagious

McDowell’s No. 1 happiness mantra is contagious

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Jun 19,2007 9:17 AM

McDowell’s No. 1 happiness mantra is contagious

The new TVC for McDowell’s No. 1 depicts the world transforming with the snap of the index finger. The TVC has been conceptualised by Mudra Communications, Bangalore, directed by Sunhil Sippy and produced by Highlight Films. The film has been shot in Bangkok.

People already charged up by the euphoria of McDowell’s No. 1 transform it to others, setting off a chain reaction that has a whole town dancing to the ‘No. 1’ tune. The mood of the film is upbeat, joyous and contagious as everybody surrenders to it.

McDowell’s currently has a 47 per cent share of the whisky segment with an annual growth of 44 per cent. “With higher disposable incomes and consistent media exposure, more and more consumers will choose to go premium, and younger drinkers too will join it. Therefore continuously enhancing the brand imagery becomes a key task,” said Alok Gupta, Senior EVP-Marketing, United Spirits Limited.

The characters in the film have also been meticulously chosen to do justice to the infectious nature of the script and make repeat viewing a sheer pleasure. The new ‘avatar’ of No. 1 with its styling, music, casting or the entire imagery is expected to strike a chord with the new breed of young international Indians.

Said S Radhakrishnan, Executive Director, Mudra South, “The new McDowell’s No. 1 communication clearly recognises the optimism and infectiousness of the youth in today’s context. It also builds an international imagery for the brand to propel it into the next level, and takes the brand property of the ‘cheer’ index finger forward.”

Radhakrishnan explained that the basic message of the TVC is anchored around two parts. The first is that the brand stands for good times in life and offers cheers to life. The other insight is that today’s youth believes that there is a lot of optimism around. The new 40-second film re-establishes itself as a mass icon for fun and happiness -- a brand that looks upwards, and believes in optimism.

Preceding the film, the print campaign for McDowell’s No. 1 -- ‘a rocking one’, ‘a playful one’, ‘a wild one’ -- was a success. Taking the infectious platform forward, the TVC is based on the idea that all kinds of exciting times begin with McDowell’s No.1. The TVC has been on air on all major entertainment and news channels from June 1.

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