McDonald’s new campaign lays emphasis on the buying power of Rs 20

McDonald’s new campaign lays emphasis on the buying power of Rs 20

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Jan 28,2006 9:12 AM

McDonald’s new campaign lays emphasis on the buying power of Rs 20

After going the vintage Bollywood way in 2005 to promote its Rs 20 offerings (‘Humare zamana ka daam’ campaign), McDonald’s has come out with a fresh campaign to reinforce the Rs 20 Happy Price Menu communication with “Aajkal bees rupaiya mein kya milta hain?”

The latest campaign using the humour platform raises laughs with some ridiculous answers and the resultant list of ‘incomplete’ services one would get today at Rs 20. For instance, a doctor refusing to have anything to do with a patient beyond the initial “Muh kholo”, or a fortuneteller stopping midway through an interesting prediction.

The latest TVC shows a bedridden husband and his wife. On the ailing husband’s plea of “Jee machal raha hai”, the wife offers some “jal”, while he asks for some “Gangajal”. At this point enters the doctor, who checks on the patient and leaves. VO: “Kyon bees rupaiye mein full dhamaal chahiye?” On an affirmative reply, the couple is advised to go to a McDonald’s outlet. As we see the couple now in McDonald’s, the VO continues, “toh McDonald’s ka happy price menu try karo. Chicken McGrill! Paisa vasool!” The ad ends with the husband declaring, “I am loving it!”

The second TVC shows a guy showing his hand to fortune teller and paying him Rs 20 for it. At this the fortune teller asks, “Aaj kal bees rupaiya mein kya milta hain hai?” and adds, “tumhari majnu khatam”. The guy thinks “majnu manzoor”. He then he tells him to try the Happy Menu of McDonald’s, calling it ‘paisa vasool’.

Elaborating on the thought process behind the TVCs, McDonald’s India, Head-Marketing, Sanjeev Katyal, said, “The brief that we gave to the agency was to create a fresh new way of reinforcing the Rs 20 Happy Price Menu communication. They came back with a thought provoking campaign and with the focus remaining on value for money message, which is impactfully delivered by the ‘Aajkal bees rupaiya mein kya milta hain?’ full dhamaal.”

He added that the campaign was in print, outdoors and TVC. The bed-ridden husband commercial broke early this month, while the second commercial will be breaking in a week’s time. Two more films are expected to break next month.

Leo Burnett, National Creative Director, K V Sridhar, said, “The best ideas appear from the product and not thin air. In this case, it is the pricing. But of course, when we stumbled upon ‘Aajkal bees rupaiya mein kya milta hain?’ we felt that this idea than can be extended to any number of commercials or ads or mediums.”

The Happy Price Menu is a just another attempt to ensure that the even the most price sensitive customer doesn’t lose out on the opportunity to enjoy McDonald’s fare. Priced at Rs 20 per item, the Happy Price Menu lets consumers choose from a variety of delights.

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