McCann Erickson intelligently balloons Perfetti’s big bubbles

McCann Erickson intelligently balloons Perfetti’s big bubbles

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Jun 20,2009 7:52 AM

McCann Erickson intelligently balloons Perfetti’s big bubbles

Big Babol, the bubble gum brand from confectionery major, Perfetti Van Melle India, has launched a new TVC. The communication that has been developed around the core product attribute of its ‘big bubble’, builds on the already established positioning of ‘Bade Kaam Ki Cheez’.

The TVC has been created by McCann Erickson, headed by the Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman and Regional Executive Creative Director, Asia Pacific and directed by Abhijeet Chaudhuri (Dadu) of Black Magic Motion Pictures. The animation component has been created by Rhythm & Hues.

The new commercial presents yet another situation, where the bubble comes into play and puts a spin on the story. The commercial cleverly romanticises the bubble to transform the seemingly mundane activity of blowing a bubble into an exciting device that could be used intelligently. The tagline Big Babol ‘Bade Kaam Ki Cheez’ metamorphoses the fun into ingenuity.

Namita Gupta Marketing Manager Perfetti Van Melle India said, “The brief was to highlight the utility of the bubble in yet another interesting situation, reinforcing the positioning of 'Bade Kaam Ki Cheez'. The task of the new commercial is to refresh the communication on the already established positioning.”

The film opens on a crow, who, conveniently perched on a tree, takes pleasure in teasing a young boy in the neighbourhood. Everyday strategically positioned crow would defecate on the boy and ‘sneer’ at his helplessness. Revengeful boy uses the bubble from a gum to rise up and keep himself afloat, only to outwit the crow by dropping the viscous toothpaste on the crow.

The commercial ends with the MVO and Super: Big Babol Bade kaam ki cheez (very useful thing). We see a comeback shot of the crow banging his head against the tree branch in sheer disbelief.

The high points captured in the commercial are – the wit and brilliance coated with the fun and natural. It’s the feeling of triumph over the wickedness that leaves an indelible impression of the viscous bubble.

Gupta said, “The message is that Big Babol promises the consumer a more fun-filled product experience.”

“The TVC broke on June 16, 2009 on DD on the T20 World Cup and will be visible across all major kid and national channels over the next four to five weeks. We are planning other media innovations around the launch of this TVC and on-ground school activities as well,” added Gupta.

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