McCann Erickson’s new Tata Mobile TVC goes the Bollywood way

McCann Erickson’s new Tata Mobile TVC goes the Bollywood way

Author | Shikha Saroj | Saturday, Oct 29,2005 7:47 AM

McCann Erickson’s new Tata Mobile TVC goes the Bollywood way

Some things, such as the lost and found stories, song and dance sequences, and a premise of characters playing double roles, always appeal to the Indian audience. What makes the double role even more interesting is when one character plays a loser and the other, a winner.

McCann-Erickson India has used this oft repeated, but winning, formula in the new Tata Indicom Non-Stop Mobile TVC that was released on October 28. The ad’s message is ‘Insaan phone leta hai tarakki karne ke liye’. This message is loud and clear in the ad that depicts the transformation in one’s life after purchasing a Tata Indicom Non Stop Mobile.

Abdul Khan, VP, Marketing, Tata Teleservices Ltd, said, “What you see is what you get. This ad builds from Tata Indicom’s Truepaid service and is proof that good ads and good brands reflect consumer likes.”

The ad begins with the screen split into two equal halves with Ajay Devgan playing a vegetable vendor in each partition. On the left window is a clean-shaven simpleton Chaman, while the right window shows a smart Raman. Both are vegetable vendors and have opened shops simultaneously. The ad then shows Chaman munching on a carrot and flashing an ordinary mobile phone while Raman is flashing a new Tata Indicom Non-Stop Mobile phone.

While talking on the phone Chaman’s phone runs out of talk time (as he has not recharged his phone that month) and his phone is portrayed as useless and a reason for losing business due to lack of communication. Raman, on the other hand, is getting business orders and is prospering because of using a Tata Indicom Non-Stop Mobile phone as it allows him to use his phone without recharging for two years.

The ad then has a series of colourful, animated pictures that show Raman prospering and his vehicle changing from a cycle to a motorcycle to a small car and eventually a Mercedes. The ad then shows Raman and his wife (played by Kajol) in their haveli waiting to sign a business deal with Japanese guests.

Raman’s wife greets the guests humorously and Raman gets new business deals from the foreigners. All of them start dancing and singing the Tata Indicom Non-Stop Mobile jingle.

A dejected Chaman is watching the celebrations through a glass window after which he walks away. Raman’s wife tells him to give his Tata Indicom Non-Stop mobile phone to Chaman. Chaman asks Raman why was he giving him the Tata Indicom Non-Stop mobile, to which Raman’s wife and the guests answer, “Kyunki Insaan phone leta hai tarakki karne ke liye”. Everyone starts singing and dancing to the Tata Indicom Non-Stop Mobile jingle.

While the ad has an extremely simple idea, it successfully captures the campaign’s objective of establishing that this new service from Tata Indicom allows incoming calls without recharging for two years and that phones today increase productivity and business by making communication easier.

Said Khan, “The ad shows people using Tata Indicom’s Non-Stop Mobile rise to prosperity in a humorous and entertaining way. The ad will strike a chord among our target group as it effectively talks of a phone that empowers them to do well in life.”

Speaking about the ad’s Bollywood theme, Khan said, “Mass market relates to Bollywood. We did not want the ad to preach but entertain and bring a smile on everyone’s face.”

The Bollywood fan in all of us will certainly agree with him.

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