Maxus adopts Relationship Media approach globally; begins rollout from India

Maxus adopts Relationship Media approach globally; begins rollout from India

Author | Noor Warsia & Preeti Hoon | Monday, Mar 29,2010 8:17 AM

Maxus adopts Relationship Media approach globally; begins rollout from India

Maxus has been busy for over a year now to put together a new approach for its clients globally. The approach, that the agency terms as ‘Relationship Media’, rides on the creative streak that Maxus has built in it operations and is digitally led, taking into account various kinds of data that can be used for solutions in media-decision making. It works on how different channels can work together to connect the brand with the consumer.

Kelly Clark, CEO, Maxus Worldwide, explained that the agency had pooled its global resources to work on the concept. He said, “We didn’t try to derive it exclusively from London or New York or Hong Kong or Australia, but had a collection of various minds. It’s not complete as yet, but we are at a stage where we can roll it out.” Maxus India’s Managing Director Ajit Varghese was also part of the team that worked on the Relationship Media concept.

Clark explained further on why Maxus decided to roll the concept first in India. He said, “India is an absolute flagship in the Maxus world, and we have amazing client relationships in this market, whether it’s Vodafone, Nokia, Titan, Hero Honda, Dabur or Tata Sky. It is a client base that we think will respond very well to the proposition, plus we have a great team here and we will learn quickly from this market.”

Clark explained that the objective of Relationship Media was to create better solutions for clients. He was of the opinion that there was an opportunity for Maxus to understand how clients built relationships between their brands and consumers, which was not just to the point of acquiring a new consumer, but bring consumers into any given brand’s customer base.

He added, “There’s an opportunity for us to stay with consumers over the life of their loyalty with a product or a brand or a service. And that’s where a stronger digital edge and data analytics capabilities is going to be important. We are not pretending we can do all of this today, but what it means is that we have to have people in place who have experience in database management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), loyalty marketing and promotional marketing. So, we will be bringing in people with different skills progressively as we roll out ‘Relationship Management’.”

Clark is clear that the most important measure of gauging the success of the concept is client feedback. He said, “We know it is successful when clients tell us that it has enabled them to build better relationship with their customers and proved to have added business value. The second measure would be our business success, if we are able to attract new clients to Maxus as a result of our Relationship Media service. And third, not as important as the other two, would be the role of recognition in the industry on national and international platforms. It’s a perfect way to demonstrate that it’s working and that you would see some great work coming out of Maxus.”

Maxus intends to roll out Relationship Media to other markets in the next three months. Following India, the concept would be taken to markets like Germany, Spain, Italy, China, the US, Australia and the UK.

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