MasterCard to air Indian adaptation of its international campaign

MasterCard to air Indian adaptation of its international campaign

Author | Ranjana Gupta | Friday, Oct 15,2004 8:34 AM

MasterCard to air Indian adaptation of its international campaign

The first-ever localised version of MasterCard’s famed international campaign hits media today. Santosh Desai, President, McCann Erickson, said the commercial, based on the international concept ‘Priceless’, would target the Indian cardholders.

Sharing more details on the campaign, Desai said the television commercial would revolve around a young couple trying to catch a few moments of privacy in a crowded world. The execution of the advertisement takes into account the underlying Indian emotions of the importance of family and even day-to-day rituals of applying henna on one’s hands.

The story is woven in the milieu of a typical Indian home where a newly married couple tries to share a private moment. And, when it happens, as is common for all extended families, someone or the other keeps interrupting. As Desai explained, the climax of the storyline was centred on the married couple being able to enjoy a private moments by using a mobile phone. The commercial ends with the typical MasterCard catch-line, ‘There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there is MasterCard’.

Nitin Gupta, Vice President and General Manger, South Asia, MasterCard International, said, “The ‘Priceless’ campaign is one of the most popular and successful advertising campaigns globally. Considering the current growth being witnessed by the Indian payment cards industry and its immense future potential, we felt it is the right time to communicate MasterCard’s brand values to our existing and prospective cardholders. We are sure that this campaign will further strengthen MasterCard’s brand messages amongst our member banks as well.”

The ‘Priceless’ campaign was originally developed and launched in October 1997 and has been aired in 97 countries in 47 languages. The international campaign has evolved to become a case study in successful global advertising. Having won several major creative awards in the industry and more than 100 individual awards, ‘Priceless’ has helped strengthen MasterCard’s business over the past seven years. “Beyond the impact that ‘Priceless’ has had on MasterCard’s core business, the campaign has also registered impressive results amongst consumers,” Gupta said.

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