MAMA Lab India finishes ethnographic study across 12 cities

MAMA Lab India finishes ethnographic study across 12 cities

Author | Ankur Singh | Thursday, Mar 05,2015 8:01 AM

MAMA Lab India finishes ethnographic study across 12 cities

In wake of the upcoming Women’s Day, Dentsu has announced the launch of MAMA Lab in India on Wednesday. Started originally in Tokyo two years back, the new division aims at gaining insights into mothers and motherhood in India and enabling brands to understand and connect with them.

MAMA Lab India has recently finished an ethnographic study across 12 cities, interacting with 24 mothers of all religions, ages and geographies over 30 days.

“Dentsu Mama Lab aims to be a thought leader on mothers, motherhood and mothering. Through our understanding of the different facets of a mother, we will enable more meaningful and innovative connections between brands and mothers. We want to change the way people looks at mothers in India. We want to change the stereotype and find out what they really want,” said Rohit Ohri, Executive Chairman of Dentsu India.

Swati Bhattacharya, Principal Partner-MAMA Lab, Creative Dentsu, said, “We will get insights from the market and will provide it to the brands so that they can plan an effective marketing strategy accordingly. MAMA Lab is not just a study cell but will work like an advertising agency. We will solve brand problems and provide solutions that will come from our in-depth knowledge of mothers. We want to take that knowledge and understanding and help create an intimacy that the brand will forge with mothers.”

Narayan Devanathan, EVP- National Planning Director, Dentsu, said, “Brands have opportunities to add new users and increase consumption and usage of their products by being relevant for mothers. Brands also have the opportunity to lead the way in changing the way mothers are currently understood and also become their support system. The task now is to use the rich and diverse insight bank that we have put together to turn into starting points of ideas and innovations that brands can use.”


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