Making an ad is like a T20 match, while making a film is like a Test match: Piyush Pandey

Making an ad is like a T20 match, while making a film is like a Test match: Piyush Pandey

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Feb 14,2014 7:56 AM

Making an ad is like a T20 match, while making a film is like a Test match: Piyush Pandey

The WPP Stream India 2014, one of the largest conferences on digital, got underway in Jaipur on February 12. The three-day is being hosted by Ranjan Kapur, Country Manager – India, WPP and critically acclaimed Indian film director Shekhar Kapur. Designed to celebrate and explore the growth and development of digital innovation in India, Stream India brings brands together with regional leaders from media and technology companies to debate India’s digital future.

The Stream hosted the Tech Lab, where various innovators showcased how technology can be applied to transform daily lives. The Stream audience got a chance to experience some of the best inventions and games.

The evening witnessed an interesting talk with Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and Creative Director, South Asia Ogilvy & Mather India and Shekhar Kapur, hosted by Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM. The discussion was on the similarities and differences between making a TVC and a movie.

Pandey explained that a TVC is an expression of creativity. It must have a great idea that touches heart and appeals to the ‘Navras’. Both Pandey and Kapur agreed that TVCs and movies are just formats that need a captivating idea that is emotional and can connect with the masses.

Pandey added that making an ad is just like a T-20 match, while a film is like a test match – some people are good at a T-20 match or creating an ad, while some are good at test match or making films. There are some who are good at both. He pointed out that at the end, they are both an idea. Kapur felt that there should be a rhythm to any idea. According to him, an idea can be successful only when it creates a rhythm.

Pandey further shared that if given a chance to create movies, then he would like to make ‘The Lion King’ (Walt Disney’s Oscar-winning animated feature film). Kapur, on the other hand, said that if given a chance to make ads, he would want to create the Google ‘Reunion’ film.

Founded in 2006 as an annual three-day meeting, Stream is hosted by Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP and Israeli investor Yossi Vardi. Stream brings WPP clients together with industry leaders to think about the digital future and what that means for communications, creativity and business. It includes participation from CEOs and rising stars from across the WPP network, WPP clients and partners from across the industry, including silicon valley start-ups, VCs, social entrepreneurs, publishers, academics and media companies.

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