Mahesh­ Chauhan & Minakshi ­Achan launch ­Salt­ Brand Solutions

Mahesh­ Chauhan & Minakshi ­Achan launch ­Salt­ Brand Solutions

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, May 04,2011 9:21 AM

Mahesh­ Chauhan & Minakshi ­Achan launch ­Salt­ Brand Solutions

Mahesh Chauhan and Minakshi Achan have launched Salt Brand Solutions, a holistic communications company, which became operational from May 3, 2011.

On the reason behind launching a new agency, Mahesh Chauhan said, “India is today at the age of entrepreneurship. The time and calling to do something of my own was too strong for me to ignore. At a personal level, I felt the need to walk the talk of change in the industry that has been reverberating for a while now. I am living my dream with Salt. It’s a society of people who share the same work ethics, value systems and styles of working.”

Minakshi Achan added here, “It’s a great time to be an independent agency. There’s a creative revolution out there – with consumers themselves generating interesting content. As brand creators, if we can manage, orchestrate and choreograph this revolution, then we can ride the change for our brands.”

Salt is an enterprise that will offer holistic brand solutions to clients who are looking for an honest, fresh perspective. The team at Salt sees itself as ‘Brand Donors’, aiming to seed the brand in commonplace culture and in line with that, has defined its work process in three stages:
Chatter – Keeping an ear to the ground. Listening to potential customers and anyone who has a POV on society, people, arts, trends and, of course, brands.

Handshake – What is a simple, great way to start talking?

Brand­tattoo – Ideas that leave an indelible impression on consumers.

Speaking to exchange4media, Chauhan said that Salt would have a flat structure and hence, no hierarchies. The agency is starting out with a strength of 12 people and is based in Mumbai. Chauhan, however, refused to divulge details of the clients that the agency has in its roster.

As per the agency’s website, Salt is a society of people who create the purest possible solutions for brands by breaking traditional moulds, old ways of working and thinking; through the culture of collaboration – with artists, anthropologists, musicians, students, environmentalists, mystics – whoever can help co-create and contribute to the success of the brand.

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