Maggi spreads the ‘Mania’ about its rice noodles

Maggi spreads the ‘Mania’ about its rice noodles

Author | Priyanka Borpujari | Friday, Mar 09,2007 8:32 AM

Maggi spreads the ‘Mania’ about its rice noodles

The new Maggi Rice Noodle Mania TVC made by Publicis India shows the mania of a spunky teenage lad after he has tasted the three new flavours of the rice noodles. The TVC, which has already been on air for a while now, is taking the idea of relishing new flavours to new heights.

Munwa, as the household help calls the teenager, gets home the three flavours of Maggi Rice Noodle Mania – Chilly Chow, Lemon Masala and Shahi Pulao. Munwa then shows the mania he experiences after tasting the new noodles through a jig.

The project is the brainchild of the copy and art team of Saminder Singh Ghai and Ritika Som, respectively. According to Deepesh Jha, Creative Director, Publicis India, who has worked on this campaign, “We decided to play on the experience of eating the new product. The creative idea was that anyone who eats Maggi Rice Noodle Mania gets the ‘mania’. After Munwa, anyone who tastes the new noodles does the same jig.”

The TVC has an interesting jingle that is akin to the music of some folk song. “The jingle was recorded a long time before the actual TVC was shot. We were experimenting with different kinds of jingles and then we had to make a choice between one that was similar to Hollywood music, and this one, which has the touch of a folk song. We finally decided to go with the latter, for which we had roped in Raghubir Yadav to lend the vocals,” explained Jha. The lyrics, too, have the touch of a certain Hindi dialect.

The TVC is a narrative of how Munwa’s family gets caught up with the ‘mania’, explaining why Munwa loves the new rice noodle and how his parents and even grand parents also indulge in it when they realise that it is also healthy.

The execution is pure fun where the perplexed cook doesn’t know why his Munwa has gone crazy after the new product. Throughout the commercial his bewilderment grows as he sees each of the family members get the ‘mania’, and he too takes a bite, only to realise the secret behind the jig. Like the jingle, the commercial is also fast-paced and plays around the fun element.

The TVC is being supported by a 360-degree campaign, which has a rush of vibrant colours. This is primarily due to the fact that although the Maggi Rice Noodle Mania continues to be a two-minute snack, it is marketed to entice teenagers who can prepare the flavoured noodles themselves.

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