Lowe tugs at heartstrings for Havells’ fire-proof cables

Lowe tugs at heartstrings for Havells’ fire-proof cables

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Dec 27,2007 6:46 AM

Lowe tugs at heartstrings for Havells’ fire-proof cables

What have cables and wires to do with a poor mother preparing food for her children? On first thought, nothing. But Lowe takes an everyday situation and gives it an emotional treatment to get across the message of fire-proof cables and wires from Havells India. The TVC is slated to break in a week’s time and would be seen on properties such as the India-Australia cricket series. R Balki, Chairman and CCO, Lowe India, informed that while the campaign would largely be driven by the television medium, it would be extended to other mediums as well in the subsequent stages.

The new TVC revolves around the proposition of fire-proof wires, and this is one TVC that Balki is excited about. He explained, “The thought process really was that even when the setting is ordinary, simple emotions can make a brand look premium. You don’t need fancy rooms and high-end décor to drive home that point.”

“Once that was in place, we thought of various things that can be done around this. We toyed with the usual plots of bringing out the fire-proof qualities, and then we brainstormed more on the lines of what goes into fire. The idea of a pakkad (tongs) came up and we took the whole thing forward, figuring out things like this,” he added.

Emotion is indeed what Balki has played up in the film. The TVC shows a mother cooking for her two children – a son who is studying and an infant crying. It is not a well-to-do family, but like thousands seen in makeshift homes around construction sites all over the country.

The mother, who is making chappatis on a tawa, burns her fingers every time she has to flip the chappati. On seeing her plight, the son goes to an area where some construction materials are lying around. He picks up some cable and twists it into a pair of tongs and gives them to his mother, who is touched by his gesture and uses them to prepare the rest of the chappatis.

The film captures the wire-made-tongs flipping the roti in the fire, thus further reinforcing the product attribute of fire-proof cables with the voice-over, “Havells, wires that don’t catch fire”.

The film has been produced by Red Ice Films and directed by Gauri. The turnaround time for the film was around a week.

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