Lowe Delhi in no hurry to look for Thakraney’s substitute

Lowe Delhi in no hurry to look for Thakraney’s substitute

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Dec 01,2004 8:17 AM

Lowe Delhi in no hurry to look for Thakraney’s substitute

Anil Thakraney, Creative Head, Lowe Delhi, is set to quit the agency. Interestingly, both – the departer and the employer have mutually decided not to renew the contract as Thakraney had “commendably accomplished” what he was assigned to do. In fact, Lowe is not feeling the need to bring someone in as his replacement, immediately.

Referring to Thakraney’s contribution to the company, Pranesh Mishra, COO, Lowe, said, “Anil was brought in specifically to recruit a whole new line-up of people and he has achieved that remarkably. As he has accomplished his task, we mutually decided that renewing the contract wasn’t required.” As Mishra shared, the agency felt no immediate need for Thakraney’s substitute. “With his efforts, the creative team in Delhi is a very strong one and we aren’t in a hurry to bring in someone for this post,” he continued.

Thakraney’s affair with Lowe Delhi began in December last year. As per him, it was an awesome experience working for Lowe. Unlike other Lowe offices, where creative directors report to the National Creative Director Balakrishnan, with him in the organisation, the creative team was directly under his control. “I would always be indebted to Balki for showing that confidence in me. And, supporting me generously to make it all happen.”

“My job is done,” Thakraney left a smile. Recounting his responsibility and expressing optimism for the Delhi squad, he continued, “Balki's brief to me over three large Patialas, I might add, was to turn the branch around. And we've done that. The naysayers have left, the office is teeming with talent and passion and we are already producing better advertising work. LG is back. Now, what all the guys need to do is build on the foundation, and produce even better quality of creative work, and the current team is more than capable of doing it.”

However, with Thakraney departing, for the time being the creative directors would be reporting to Balki, said Mishra.

As for his next destination, Thakraney holds no surprises for those who know his jest. “All my working life, I never have had an idea what I'd do next, after I've quit a job. Chairman of a coal mining operation has asked me out for a drink, so let's see,” he smiled.

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