Lowe Bangalore turns it upside down for Fastrack’s new collection

Lowe Bangalore turns it upside down for Fastrack’s new collection

Author | Judy Franko | Tuesday, May 29,2007 9:08 AM

Lowe Bangalore turns it upside down for Fastrack’s new collection

Imagine a situation where every other passerby is looking at you upside down. That is exactly what this college-going youngster encounters in the latest TVC created by Lowe Bangalore for Titan Fastrack’s ‘Adventure Collection’ which can be worn by slinging onto one’s trouser loop.

The ad opens on a close-up of a watch with a bag next to it on a table and the hand of young boy grabbing it. The boy walks down the college stairs and when he nears a huge wall, three young girls in dance attire come close to him in a choreographed fashion and do a handstand. The boy looks puzzled, smiles and continues.

As he walks down further, another girl crosses his path and tilts her head as if to look at him upside down. As soon as the boy hits the college lane, again group of three girls sitting on a bench lean backwards and tilt their heads to look at him upside down. Further ahead another girl jogs ahead of him and bends down to look at him through her legs.

Further down, suddenly two women swing upside down from a tree and smile at him. One asks the other ‘What time is it?’ The other girl looks at the boy and says `4 o clock’ and they burst into laughter. The boy looks down at his belt loop and realizes what the joke is all about -- the upside down dial strapped on his loop. The frame inverts until the dial read straight `4 o clock’. The TVC ends in style with the tagline “How many you have?’’

Raju Sengupta, Executive Creative Director, Lowe, Bangalore, and Creative Director of the commercial, says, “It is a hip watch and we found that its unique property is that you have to see it upside down. So we kind of dramatized the whole concept of upside down using fast-track kind of images.”

“It is an upside down commercial,” Sengupta summed up.

The campaign, which would be on television, outdoor and Internet, will break from June 1. As with the other collections of Fastrack, this one too will target the 15-25 age-group. The collection would hit the market in the first week of June.

This new collection from Fastrack comes in white/blue and white/black combination colours and interesting dial layouts. The metal clips (carabiner) area standard part of the watch. Apart from time and date the watch has electroluminescent (EL) backlight for easy time telling.

Simeran Bhasin, Marketing Manager Fastrack says ``Fastrack adventure collection is an upside down watch which can be worn by slinging onto one’s trousers’ loop. Inspired by mountaineering and rock climbing gear __ the carabiner __ this collection of Fastrack has electro-luminescent dial and date and compass function. ``This watch gives a whole new dimension to accessorizing and takes the watches out of the wrist,’’ she said and added that Fastrack will spend about 2.5 crore on this ad campaign.

``We launch a new collection every quarter. This is our first collection for the year and we will introduce more collections in the coming months.’’

Speaking about the new commercial she said ``the commercial is a very interesting one. It is a theme campaign about the use of Carabiner watch. We are very excited about the commercial and I am sure the moment it goes on air in the first week of June, the consumers will also respond with equal excitement.’’

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