Lowe’s busy 2008: Of new biz wins and restructuring of marketing services

Lowe’s busy 2008: Of new biz wins and restructuring of marketing services

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Dec 29,2008 5:21 AM

Lowe’s busy 2008: Of new biz wins and restructuring of marketing services

Lowe has not spoken much in 2008, but that did not mean that the agency has not been busy. R Balki, Chairman and NCD of the company, informed that the agency had seen significant activities in the year, where not only did the advertising agency Lowe Lintas win a good number of new businesses, but the other verticals of the Lintas Group in the advertising side, like Linterland, the digital division and the design division, too, had seen restructuring. As Balki put it, the agency had done a lot of salient work this year, where the brand idea was executed across different platforms.

Some of the new wins of the agency included Godrej’s insecticide brand Hit and hair colouring brand Renew; Godrej Saralee and Dr Batra’s in its Mumbai office. In Delhi, Hindustan Times was a big win for the agency. In Bangalore, Hanes began work with Lowe during the year and the agency got back the Flying Machine business as well. In a global alignment, Knorr from Hindustan Unilever was parked with Lowe. The agency also won some businesses from The Future Group.

Elaborating more on the overall approach to the business, Balki said, “We have concentrated a lot on the marketing services this year. The broad approach was to take an idea and see how many things can be done around it. Our objective is that we should be well versed across communication platforms as an agency. And we should have perfect expertise across disciplines. Some of the areas that are seeing focus in the course of that are in the domains of design, rural and digital.”

As is known, earlier in the year, the IMAG brand name that had traditionally housed all the marketing services arms of the agency was dismantled. All the marketing services since then, that not only included expertise in digital, rural and design, but also in healthcare, direct marketing, entertainment and so on, have been integrated within Lowe. 2008 was about getting that structure right. Balki explained that from a Lowe point of view, unless these domains were made a part of the mainline agency, there was little incentive and ease in integrating the solutions across various platforms.

This approach wouldn’t be very different in 2009 as well for Lowe. Balki is not too perturbed with the slowdown just yet. Like some of the other industry leaders, he views this as correction, and believes that more than ever before, this is the time to give interesting solutions for clients. For Balki, the agency knows how to do exactly that, and hence 2009 should be about some more ‘highs for Lowe’.

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