LMG unveils Strategic Allocation Model for media investment budgeting

LMG unveils Strategic Allocation Model for media investment budgeting

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Oct 25,2008 8:05 AM

LMG unveils Strategic Allocation Model for media investment budgeting

Lintas Media Group (LMG) has launched the Strategic Allocation Model (SAM), a tool to aid media budget decisions. SAM fills the gap in the industry in the area of budget allocation, besides supplementing LMG’s strong bouquet of media tools.

Media investment levels are the first step towards responsible media management and SAM is a comprehensive tool that enables a scientific approach to media investment decisions. SAM aggregates the multi-dimensional variables that impact media investments into one single interface. It incorporates variables derived from the context of the company, the brand, category competition and certainly the media variables.

At the one end, SAM serves the media manager to detail the investments planned into each media task and the costs associated; on the other end, it is a tool for the senior management to synergise the budget allocations to their brand and company objectives.

Premjeet Sodhi, Chief Planning Officer at LMG, who has been working on commissioning the tool in India, said, “This is a tool developed on global standards and is in use across Initiative offices worldwide. The key strength of SAM is the objectivity that it brings into the media budgeting decision. It imposes this objectivity by seeking a quantification and justification of the various elements involved. Brand custodians can then simulate real time situations and leverage SAM to iterate and arrive at various scenarios of allocation and choose the one most appropriate for their business challenges. SAM, with its rigorous approach to investment prioritisation, shall facilitate our clients to realise the best results from their media investments.”

Earlier this year, LMG had constituted the Planning Sciences Collaborative (PSC), which has focused on development primarily to enhance the media planning processes and on evolving methods for result oriented media strategies. The efforts are designed to enable demonstrable ROI of the media investments.

Lynn de Souza, Chairman, Lintas Media Group, said, “Today, in the ever increasing complexity of the media landscape and the increasing selectivity of the media consumer-clients are looking more and more for a better understanding of the delivery of media initiatives. PSC aids our business collectives in better definition of the media objectives and subsequent measurement of the brand deliverables.”

LMG is a member of the worldwide Interpublic Group with a client base that includes ITC, Maruti Suzuki, Sony Electronics, Idea Cellular, Bajaj Auto, and Infoedge, among many others.

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