LIQVD Asia's NiAmos, the first IoT (Internet of Things) device to be launched from India

LIQVD Asia's NiAmos, the first IoT (Internet of Things) device to be launched from India

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Jul 08,2014 8:05 AM

LIQVD Asia's NiAmos, the first IoT (Internet of Things) device to be launched from India

LIQVD Asia, advertising and marketing company announced the expected launch of India’s first IoT (Internet of Things) Device, ‘NiAmos’ to provide businesses and brands the intelligent data of customers from social communities.

NiAmos is a connected device that specifically maps the social media interactions in the real world, identifying & following the customers wherever they meet the brand. It features a real-time and historical big data analytics stack to help brands in designing the marketing strategy for increasing the customer base and not just the numbers on social media platforms. It also aims at interacting with the customer and giving the value for every walk-in. Device operates on ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) technology. An inbuilt wi-fi connection makes NiAmos an impeccably accurate local interaction machine.

“Social media is a huge platform that attracts brand lovers, content lovers and information seekers. Where social media claims to provide the colossal data of fan it actually fails at tracking the real buying intent. That’s where the idea of NiAmos came in existence. For brands ‘NiAmos’ is a device that will help in tracking the real customers from communities and giving them a real life experience of interacting with a brand. And for customers ‘NiAmos’ is an honor for being loyal”, said Arnab Mitra, Managing Director, LIQVD Asia.

Further explaining about NiAmos, Mayur Sethi, Lead - Human Interaction, LIQVD Asia said ,“NiAmos is not just a product, it’s an expression of love from brands to its customers. The word ‘NiAmos’ is taken from the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language, Esperanto and it means ‘We will love’. Virtual world or social networking world is all about liking & loving brands. Have you ever seen that a brand has liked your update? Now it’s time for brands to shower back the Love!”

NiAmos is expected to be available for brands from Christmas, 2014. The logical extension of this innovative solution and the data it provides is predicted to be a revolutionary step in digital media industry and it will surely bring a shift in the ecosystem at broader level.

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