Lintas Media Group rolls out Lowe Worldwide strategy planning toolkit in India

Lintas Media Group rolls out Lowe Worldwide strategy planning toolkit in India

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Aug 02,2006 7:19 AM

Lintas Media Group rolls out Lowe Worldwide strategy planning toolkit in India

The Lintas Media Group on August 2, 2006 launched the national rollout of the Lowe Worldwide strategy planning toolkit at its annual senior management meet in Mumbai. The toolkit consists of 16 processes of which the Lintas Media Group has adopted four, which have specifically been designed to aid the consumer and media definition, selection and evaluation processes in marketing communication. These include the Path2Purchase, GrowthGrid, MasterMind and Encounter.

Speaking at the launch, Raj Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, Lintas Media Group, who has been entrusted with the task of implementing the entire toolkit within all Lintas units in India, including advertising and below-the-line, said “Finally, we have an answer to the myopic 60 per cent at 3+ type media planning. The toolkit enables one to closely identify with the business problem at hand, and open one’s mind to strategic and not just tactical communication solutions.”

Premjeet Sodhi, Senior Vice-President, Intellect, the research and technologies unit of Lintas Media Group, was exposed to the toolkit two months ago at New York just before its international rollout, in which India was selected as the first country for the exercise. “I am particularly excited about the way the role of media has been defined in the Encounter toolkit – taking us away from the traditional forms to the purpose of the medium. That puts a new twist altogether,” said Sodhi.

Last month, key business and planning directors of Lintas were trained on the toolkit at Northpoint by the New York based Strategy Planning unit of Lowe Worldwide. “Five of the planning directors handling our large AORs were present at this training,” said Lynn de Souza, Director-Media Services, Lintas India. “Today, we have introduced 23 more senior managers to its powers, and within August, all our key planners would have been trained at Northpoint. I see a far greater partnership with the creative side of the business as well as through the line activity. It’s not the much touted 360 degrees – the solutions are so tailor made they could even recommend just 20 degrees very well done. This isolation of media from the total advertising process must not continue,” she added.

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