Lintas Media Group launches its proprietary touchpoints research – Connexions

Lintas Media Group launches its proprietary touchpoints research – Connexions

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Sep 10,2010 7:55 AM

Lintas Media Group launches its proprietary touchpoints research – Connexions

The media environment and the media consumer have evolved significantly in the last few years and the relationship of media and consumer is very complex. Also, as media and communication become more and more vital for the success of businesses, cutting edge communication solutions require far more indepth exploration of the media behaviour of consumers than provided by the syndicated studies available in the country. Looking at this scenario, Lintas Media Group has strategically aligned itself to strengthen its repository of proprietary media research databases.

The ‘Connexions’ research is a significant step ahead in this direction and is aimed to usher in a totally new way of looking at media choice for brand communication solutions. For many years, the market in India has been dominated by reach measurement based research and many feel, therefore, that size of the media vehicle has always got preferential treatment. Connexions research will allow planning teams and brand managers to assess the suitability of media on various qualitative parameters specific to their brand/ category requirements. It is a study on the understanding of the relationship consumers have with various media touchpoints.

The Connexions fieldwork recently culminated in contacting 9,300 respondents across 17 cities in India to represent all zones and key pop-strata for urban India. The consumer profile included males and females in Sec ABC in the age group of 12-44 years. The research was conducted by GFK Mode and stringent care was taken to ensure world class quality control both in sampling, fieldwork and data processing.

The research investigated the consumption behaviour and perception of consumers across 78 touchpoints. Besides the measure of access to each media, the qualitative battery of information available for media choice included:

• Genres of interest and the most preferred media for access to these genres
• The moods and motivations of the consumer for interacting with various media touchpoints
• The strength of the touchpoints for delivering various communication attributes.

This is an annual research and is linked to various other tools that are currently in use for all the clients of Lintas Media Group.

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